Men’s Style Myths Debunked

We’ve all heard the same ‘style tips’ from so-called fashion experts but how many of these tips actually turn out to be false? From pairing colours to throwing out the rulebook on patterns, it’s time to forget what you thought you knew and reinvent your wardrobe.

1. Black and blue can’t be worn together
Who’s heard this age old saying? For years we’ve been told not to pair black with blue, presumably due to the similarities in shade. We say that this is a myth, pairing a navy suit with a black suits looks great, plus experimenting with different textures of the two can create a really striking look. We recommend trying a black shirt with a navy woolen coat or jumper.


2. Your shoes always have to match your belt.
If you’ve ever felt the stress of having to find the exact shade of leather belt to match your shoes, rest easy. This style myth can be easily debunked. Yes, you should try and stick within the same colour family, however you really don’t need to concentrate on the exact shade. We also think that black belts go well with anything, so if in doubt, go for a darker colour to make a statement.

3. Horizontal stripes make you look short and fat
How many of us have been tempted by a classic striped t-shirt, only to hear *that* voice in their head telling us that we would look fat? Horizontal stripes have always been a no-go for fuller gentleman, and women! This is thanks to a 19th Century study that compared two identically sized squares, one with horizontal and the other with vertical stripes on them, however this this study doesn’t apply to the human body. We say embrace the stripes, the nautical look never goes out of fashion.


4. Don’t Mix Patterns
Mixing patterns used to be a firm ‘no’. To be fair, this is correct if you’re throwing together clashing prints, however there is nothing wrong with some subtle pattern pairing! Patterns should compliment each other, try combining a small pattern with a larger one to create an understated look .

5. ‘Real’ Men Don’t Wear Pink
This is one myth that really grinds our gears, in our opinion – style spans all colours and whether you go for an all out fuschia or prefer a subtle hint of salmon, pink is always an on-trend choice. One of the great things about pink is that it can be paired with almost all colours, dark or light – making it the ideal choice for a formal suit and tie affair or a casual evening at the pub. Check out these two options from the Hugo Boss Green range.


Send us your pics of you throwing out the rulebook and trashing these style myths, or send us your own maverick style choices so we can share with the Stuarts community!

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