Portuguese Flannel: Brand in the Spotlight

Flannel Shirts

Here at Stuarts London we’re proud to boast a wide range of the best-selling Portuguese Flannel brand shirts. A flannel shirt is a fantastic wardrobe staple to have at hand, rustic, comfortable and casual, and these Portuguese Flannel shirts have been crafted with the utmost care to ensure that you’re getting the best in fabric and design quality from your casual clothing of choice.

Flannel FactsLumberjack

Flannel shirts were first popularised in the United States specifically made for the working class as a functional, rather than fashionable, piece of clothing. The flannel shirt has since remained in wardrobes across the globe as a staple garment ready to be paired with seasonal styles throughout the years.

Often combined with plaid patterns, flannel material and plaid have become synonymous in fashion discourse across the industry. Wherever flannel appears in popular culture, it almost always appears with a plaid design. Take the stereotypical lumberjack image for example, always depicted wearing a plaid flannel shirt.

Adopted internationally by musicians from grunge rock bands, flannel returned to the fashion spotlight when it became heavily associated with the grunge look in the 1990’s. Teenagers everywhere clamoured after a flannel shirt to replicate the on-stage look of their idols and turned flannel into a cultural icon of its time. Nowadays, flannel has been reattributed to a more contemporary and clean-cut cultural style, often associated with the casual yet well-groomed aesthetic of the modern man. Adventurous, traditional and stylish.

Flannel Perks

Deciding if flannel is the right fashion choice for you is easy as one, two, three…

First of all, it’s warm. When you’re dressing for unpredictable weather, a common problem for those of us in the UK, flannel is perfect for instantly adding a layer of warmth to your outfit.

Second, it’s easy to wear and easy to pair. Pick any flannel shirt and layer it over a plain t-shirt with your favourite pair of jeans for an outfit that not only looks effortless, but actually is. Flannel is the ultimate in functional fashion.

Third, you’ll never struggle to find the right colour match for your outfit. While the plaid pattern may not often vary, flannel shirts come in a huge palette of hues including bold & bright and muted & soft colours.

Portuguese FlannelPlaid Shirt

Brushed for exceptional softness of touch, Portuguese Flannel produce fabrics the best way they know how – by selecting the finest materials available. Simple and traditional, their selection process means that your comfort is never compromised. More than that, their designs are inspired by genuine people and the brave and challenging lives they lead on the Portuguese landscape. Rather than being influenced by passing fashion trends, Portuguese Flannel create timeless and contemporary products through genuine inspiration that translates into their finest quality flannel shirts. With expert craftsmanship and experience on their side, you know you’re choosing from the best when finding the right flannel shirt for you.

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