Fall Back: 10 Things We Love About Autumn

Autumn signals a huge shift and change in everything around us, from the weather outside to the food we eat to the latest fashion trends. In this time of seasonal renewal, there are some favourites we’ve been waiting for all summer long. Here are 10 things that we at Stuarts London love about autumn…

Getting Cosy Indoors: Sweatshirts & Jumpers

Sweatshirts and Jumpers are the big brother of our favourite T-Shirts. These old friends welcome us with open, long-sleeved arms every autumn and keep us cosy all the way through to spring.


A Roaring Fire: Reading Material

Nothing compares to chilling out by a toasty fire while flipping the pages of some good reading material. Whether you’re reading a gripping novel or casually browsing some glossy pages, by the fire is the place to do it.


Warming Hot Chocolate: Tasty Hand Warmers

A warm drink on a cold autumn day can be the perfect way to warm your hands and get a tasty treat at the same time! If you haven’t got time to drop into your favourite coffee shop, you may want to consider some gloves to keep your hands warm and free!

Handsome Headwear: Hats Off

Blustery breezes and whistling winds are commonplace in autumn. As much as we love seeing the leaves swirl around the streets, keep the heat under your hat this autumn and face the cold head on.


New Coats: Added Layers

That lightweight jacket you wore all summer suddenly seems a little inadequate when faced with the seasonal outdoors, but we love an excuse for buying a new coat designed to battle the elements!


Wrapping Up: Knitwear

We love adding autumn layers to our wardrobes, but our seasonal style just wouldn’t be the same without a knitted jumper. Loved the world over, a traditional knitted jumper is what the colder seasons are all about.

Knitted Jumpers

Autumn Walks: Kicking Leaves

Those big piles of leaves are looking tempting, aren’t they? If you can’t resist kicking a few leaves up in the air this autumn, you’ll want to make sure your footwear is primed and ready. We love getting some brand new boots ready for taking on the autumn terrain.


Darker Nights: Early Bedtime

It’s dark outside and the rain is pouring, all we want to do is get straight into bed and stick the telly on! Even at bedtime we like to be well dressed, so we make sure to invest in a luxurious pair of designer pyjamas every autumn.


On-Trend Underneath Your Trousers: Stylish Socks

Yes, even something as simple as socks. We can never find a matching pair and when we do, they’ve inevitably got a hole or five. When autumn rolls around, we love to rejuvenate our sock drawer with some designer patterns to spice up our fashion accessory arsenal.


The Natural Warming Layer: Facial Fuzz

Whether you love it or hate it, facial hair is the most natural and warming solution for your face in the cooler months. Either enjoy taking care of your beard or relish removing it, autumn is a great time to purchase some top quality grooming products.

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