Weather permitting: Style yourself (safely!) for any outdoor festival or summer event


It’s that time of year again; time to risk the unpredictability of the British outdoors as we flock to fields all around the country to enjoy some live music and maybe a drink or two (or three).

The festival has safely secured itself a place in the hearts of summer-loving Brits over the last few years with new ones popping up on every spare bit of grass possible but still we are seeing people ill-prepared and running for cover when (and it’s definitely more of a when than an if) the rain starts.

So, here at Stuarts London we are going to break it down with some essential pieces so that you can be covered from the elements and looking your very best when out in the fields this summer.

A Trusty Rain Mac

You may call us pessimistic about the rain although we’d rather just call it being prepared. A good rain mac will be light and thin, so even if it does stay sunny it can be weightlessly tied around your waist or tucked away in a bag.

Luckily, our array of rain jackets here at Stuarts London come in a whole spectrum of colours so you can be as wild and adventurous as you want to fit in with the festival vibe. Our recommendations are either a light and reliable K-Way Pac-A-Mac for when the skies are looking good or a heavy duty and aptly named Rains raincoat for when the forecast isn’t so promising

Festival footwear


Everyone and their dog know that the festival footwear of choice is our good friend the Wellington boot. However, when you’re feeling brave and the sun is out then a good pair of trainers can be a lot kinder to your feet.

Bright and bold is the way to go with festival trainers and the Asics Carnival Pack might just be the perfect choice with its fusing of all things green, red, yellow and black. The Asics gel cushioning system could also be a life saver after a day roaming from stage to stage.

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