CP Company: 40th Anniversary of an icon

There are not many menswear brands that are as iconic and instantly recognisable as C.P Company and this year sees the legendary label celebrate 40 years in the business. What began in 1975 as a way to bring back traditional clothing elements into a man’s wardrobe has flourished over the decades into a worldwide phenomenon with devout groups of fans, followers and fanatics all over the world.  Military uniforms, work clothing and more recently the evolution of urban city wear have all inspired C.P Company’s collections over the years and have played their part in the creation of over 40,000 garments – each reflecting the brand’s philosophy of Function and Use.

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Iconic Goggle Jackets

One of the most celebrated pieces in the C.P repertoire is their classic goggle jacket which, since its introduction in 1988, has developed a cult following within many great British subcultures. Large pockets, smog masks and heavy duty materials all lend a hand to the company’s military influences which have been reimagined for everyday use.

Today C.P Company goggle jackets may be adored for their fashionable aesthetics rather than their functionality; however the brand’s focus remains the same as they continue to push the boundaries of functional menswear. Their goggle leitmotif has also expanded its reach and can now be found on a range of pieces including caps, wool hats and hoodies to suit the needs and demands of C.P’s ever-growing audience.

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Now, with C.P Company’s 40th birthday celebrations in full swing, the brand is turning to their loyal followers to help tell the story of one of their most revered creations – the goggle jacket – by sharing your favourite images of their jacket online.

By using the #CP40 hashtag alongside your images, the brand will seek out the very best submissions to be included in a commemoratory 40th anniversary publication meaning that your jacket can live forever in the C.P Company history books.

To find out more about how to get involved or to read the fully illustrated history of the brand’s designs, head over to cpcompany.com.

You can also find the full C.P Company menswear collection online now at Stuarts London

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