Style 9 – 5: Take yourself from the airport to the boardroom in 5 easy steps.

businessman with luggage
Nowadays our careers can take us all over the world and,for the modern gent looking your best is always a top priority. Sometimes though you may not get the amount of time you want to freshen up before meeting a client or colleague so planning ahead becomes paramount. With that in mind, here are Stuart London’s five easy steps for a seamless and stylish transition from A to B:

1. The jacket is one of the most essential pieces of men’s clothing and it simply cannot be overlooked, so in order to maintain your style while travelling in comfort we suggest a classic Harrington jacket from Baracuta. This timeless piece has made a lasting mark on menswear for generations and is renowned for being able to lend itself to any casual or formal situation.

2. Keeping all of your documents together is another travel necessity but fear not as there are plenty stylish accessories at hand to help. A firm favourite of ours is the Bellroy Elements travel wallet – your best friend when it comes to keeping your most prized possessions in one safe place. Store up to ten cards, your phone, coins, notes, your passport and much more in this sleek, weather-proof, real leather wallet.

3.Flight delays can leave the best of us running late and there’s nothing worse than having no time to drop off your luggage at the hotel. So if you’re time is cut short and you have to go straight to that meeting then you better make sure your luggage is in something that reinforces your style prowess and nothing does that like the Sandqvist luggage

4. Rushing round from flight to meeting and back again can be unforgiving on the feet so it’s wise to opt for a comfortable and reliable pair of shoes. Depending on who you’re meeting is with a pair of moccasins is a good shout but if formality is at hand then it has to be a trusty pair of brogues.

5. Finally, being on time is probably the most important thing of all when it comes to travelling for work. Whether it’s making it to the airport in time for your flight or getting to the meeting with time to spare, show the world who is boss with a lavish timepiece such as a Hypergrand or Tsoviet.

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