The Only Grooming Routine You Need

Whether you’re a ‘splash a bit of water on your face and leave’ man, or a ‘bathroom cupboard full to the brim’ grooming machine, there’s no escaping the fact that everyone needs a daily routine. Here at Stuarts London we think we’re a combination of the two – yes we love the products in our range, but we also love the fact that they are designed to be quick and easy to use.

As we’re still in the midst of ‘beard fever’ men all over the world are trying to find ways to tame their facial hair – without actually giving away the fact that their unruly chin hair took over an hour to style into that ‘natural’ look. With this in mind we’ve started a brand new series where we ill be asking members of the Stuarts team for their grooming essentials.

First up – Let’s meet Tiago

Tiago ST - Stuarts London

Q: What is your top pick from the grooming range available at Stuarts?

A:  Beardsley Lotions Spray Oil for Beards 13111513. It works fine for me, my facial hair gets soft and shiny and it’s perfect for dry skin as well


Q: You’re stuck on a desert island; what is your must have grooming item?

A: Baxter of California Men’s Vitamin Bergamot/Pear Cleansing Bar. Even on a desert island, you need to stay clean.

Q: Which beauty treatment would you rather avoid like the plague? (waxing, facials, etc)

A: Waxing. I reckon it would be extremely painful for a man that has never waxed his legs/chest to do it for the first time, especially if you’re hairy!

Thanks Tiago!

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