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IN THE SWIM, or getting in your Swims?

The choice is yours, one obviously stands for being in the centre of it all and to be up to date with the latest info and trends and of course getting in your Swims, well being in some of the trendiest beach and swim wear possible.

Sort of similar then??!!

Funny how two varying, seemingly unattached things, can somehow fit together, given a little bit of imagination that is.

The same thing rings true with the designs and creations of the brand Swims itself.

It has taken men’s beachwear, added imagination to it, and made it front and centre of the trendiest designs possible.

In some ways it has become an essential bit of kit, with a colour range that will ensure you are a man for all seasons, as long as it’s summer.


Take the shoes, the design is simple, aesthetically pleasing and built with functionality in mind.

They come in two variations, either the Penny Loafer or the Lace Loafer, which has more of the classic boating shoe aspect to it.

Anti-slip, non-marking soles and a water resistant rubber upper and sole, the shoe also offers more than adequate ventilation, on some, such as the navy shoe a contrast white sole tags in nicely with the lace up, while on others such as the brown, there is a matching sole.

In some strange symmetry the shoe looks reminiscent of the inner hull on old wooden ships, before the outer covering such a copper or whatever is added.

I am not sure this is done on purpose, but it adds to the appeal, for me anyway.


The Penny is the same shoe technically, but without the lace and no contrast sole, so you choose black, you get black.

In fact the only showboater, no pun intended, in the range is the Regatta shoe, that comes with a red, white and blue, diamond design on the top.

The swim shorts are as anti-precipitation as they shoes, with a tailored back pocket, elasticated waistband, ventilation or draining holes a plenty, with a ‘micro mesh’ inner lining, which as we all know is a god send for the old crown jewels.

Once again the majority block colour approach is used, similar to the Penny Loafers, while the navy shorts named Ondaretta have a contrast orange Swims logo and back pocket button, the orange shorts are orange throughout, except of course the contrast drawstring which is white for both.

Breaking ranks again comes the Regatta, there is always one isn’t there.

These sport the diamond print featured in the upper of the Penny shoes, white draw string and contrast log and back pocket button (orange).

The shorts work well in the natural environment, but also as a reasonably smart piece of outer wear.


There are three beach towels on offer, matching the shorts colour ways, and sporting a useful rubber hook, which doubles up as a logo badge, nice touch that.

All of this fits snuggly into the 48-Hour navy bag, which is of course waster resistant, in nylon with waterproof zippers, (I am getting the message here), and complete with three inner pockets and contrast sand coloured handles.

The look of Swims works well both in and out of the pool or sea and can, due in no small part to the ability to dry quickly, work well as early evening wear or day wear dropping a blazer or T-shirt, so with that in mind I think these three combos work well, of course there are other combos on offer, or whatever it is they are now forced to say on the TV every time they mention a product.

So in our first corner utilising the Odaretta navy shorts and the navy Lace Loafers, I would ping on a Oliver Spencer Brookes Broadside navy jacket, the delicious striped pattern set on the two button tailored jacket in cotton, sat over the Nigel Hall Petro blue shirt, two button placket and to round it off, don what is sure to become one of the ‘go to’ sunglass designs of the season, the New Wayfarer (colour mix blue), from Ray Ban. Although if you are feeling the need for a subtle flash of colour, the blue/orange mix will work well against that jacket.Nigel-hall---Oliver-Spencer

Using a more pastel canvas look, the Regatta shorts, against the Gant Rugger Unconstructed vintage blue blazer, unlined for a tad more breathability. Now I’ve gone navy Lace Loafer, with a contrast Penguin lemon meringue polo shirt, simple and classic.

For me, this look cries out for the 48-hour bag.

Coming up on the rail and not for any other reason than somebody has to, start with the navy Ondaretta shorts, the navy Penny Loafer. Floral being one of the ways of the gun this season, the Penguin Floral Dress blue short, with a subtle two tones Hawaiian style leaf pattern in short sleeves works well, throw a Scotch and Soda Tailor Blue lightweight jacket over your shoulder and on your boat, well for me it’s the Cats 5000 Flash Lenses glass in Clear Blue from Ray Ban.

With Swims you will be right in the Swim.

As Stone Roses front man Ian Brown famously said: ‘It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you are at.’


Daniel Abrahams

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