Got a spring wedding to go to? Big day style in no time

It’s wedding season, which means that for most of us – our weekends are filled up with stag do’s and frantic trips to venues across the country with a hangover. Here at Stuarts we’ve had our fair share of mornings spent searching for lost ties and sometimes, lost grooms, so we’ve put together our foolproof guide to ensuring you can get to the big day on time without looking like you woke up an hour ago in a ferry terminal in Amsterdam.

Clock’s ticking!

Make time for the groom

Yes the day is all about the bride and groom but when it comes to getting yourself ready in the morning, there is only one grooming regime that matters – yours. Let’s be honest, the night before a wedding is rarely a sedate affair, therefore it’s important to have your grooming process down to a tee. It’s all about reducing your wash bag to products that are multifunctional and quick to use, plus if it’s a summer wedding – double up on the antiperspirant.  Here are our top grooming must haves; Baxter of California Daily Moisturiser, Royal Rugby Face and Body Bar, Gentleman’s Tonic Sculpt Hair Styling and Baxter of California Alcohol Free Deodorant.

Stuarts London - Grooming Picks

The Shirt

With a summer wedding you can afford to be a little bolder with your choice of shirt. Pastel colours are on trend at the moment and look great paired with a patterned tie to create a fun, statement look. If it’s too hot to wear a jacket, you need to ensure that your shirt is up to scratch. When time is of the essence, hang your shirt in the shower room for a quick steam – this will get rid of any creases and save you the time and effort of getting out the iron. We love this Hugo Boss Green C-Buster Medium Pink Shirt, the colour is bang on trend for a summer wedding and would look great paired with a light grey suit and statement tie.


Trousers, shoes and socks. Oh my!

You might think that trousers are the easiest element of your getting ready routine, it’s just two legs into the holes – right? One of the biggest fashion faux pas that men make at weddings is forgetting about their trouser/sock/shoe combination. For socks, the general rule of thumb is that socks should be the same shade or darker as your trousers. There are some exceptions if you are looking to be slightly bolder, for instance patterned socks can be worn if there if the dominant colour is the same as your base. For shoes, there is an easy to follow guide that will ensure you do not end up red faced at your next summer wedding.

Blue trousers = brown/black shoes.

Grey trousers = brown/black shoes.

Brown trousers = brown shoes.

Black trousers = black shoes.

The finishing touches

You’re almost ready to leave the house and head to the big day, so it’s time for some last minute checks to ensure you’re ready to go. Finish off your outfit with accessories that compliment but do not overpower the look – a simple pair of cufflinks and a watch should be enough to keep you on trend. Quickly buff shoes to a respectable shine and use a lint roller to pick up stray fluff or hairs from trousers and jackets. Just before you leave, take a minute for a double dose of deodorant and a spritz of after shave.

Oh, and try not to forget the groom…

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