It’s all in the Jeans: Find your Perfect Denim Match

We’re all guilty of finding a pair of jeans that we wear more than we should, the pair that sometimes make it to the laundry basket but then inevitably make their way out when you wake up the next morning. There’s nothing wrong with wearing your jeans till they fall apart, but you need to make sure that your go-to fashion staples are actually doing you favour.

Find the right pair of jeans and you’re set, the right pair should age well, transitioning from new denim to a classic vintage wash over the years. So how do you find your next long term fashion commitment? It’s not as simple as picking up your size in the shop, you need to know the ins and outs of what makes denim such a unique fabric to work with. Here are our top 5 tips for finding the right match for you.

Find the Fit

Here’s the good news lads, you don’t really have to worry about the fit of your jeans. Studies show that men need to focus more on the occasion that the jeans are for, choosing a more tailored cut for nights out and formal events – whilst a classic fit is ideal for more relaxed events. Fashion experts also suggest opting for a size smaller than you normally would, checking that you can fit at least 2 fingers in the waistband to avoid the unsightly gape look that can happen with loose jeans.

Edwin Nashville Jeans
Roll Up, Roll Up!

One trend that doesn’t seem to be going away is cuffing. With the summer months just around the corner, rolling up the bottom of your jeans not only looks good, it helps you cool off during the (fingers crossed) heatwave. On a style note, rolling up your jeans also elongates the leg, making it perfect for those looking to add some height.

Edwin Ed Jeans

Embrace the Skinny

Ok, so skinny jeans may send most of us running to the hills – but these denim wonders have actually become a must have for the everyday man. Although celebrities like Russell Brand have pushed the skinny to it’s boundaries, a slim fit jean can offer the same flattering effect without the worry that you’re doing serious damage to your nether regions. A straight leg jean can also create the same slimming effect.

Levis Vintage

Avoid the Bells and Whistles

We’ve all succumbed to bad fashion purchases in the past, and one of the main areas where people think they can go a little wild is with their jeans. One moment you’re looking for classic Levis and the next you’re lured in by the boot cut number with rhinestones and tassles on the pocket. Detail draws attention to areas that you may want to hide so opt for a pair with clean lines down the sides and on the pocket. For those wanting a bit more room, choose a denim blend that has a little elasticity in them.

Nudie Jeans

Day to Night Denim

If you are looking to invest in just one pair of jeans, we recommend sticking to a dark denim wash. Not only are these ideal for relaxing around the house, they’re also the perfect transition clothing from day to night. Pair with a shirt and blazer combination for an on trend look that will look great whether you’re out for a meal or hitting the bar.

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