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Model Wears: Persol 714 Sunglasses £210 , Baracuta Harrington G9 £275 , B.D Baggies Shirt £72,

Anderson’s Belt £75,  Levis Vintage 519 Bedford Cord £145

Bass Weejun Loafers £125

THE LOOK, not just a look, but the perfect look for a cool summer, what is it? Preference is of course allowed, but I think this one is The Look.

Well, I clearly remember that midget muso Prince sang : ‘You’ve got the look’, or some such in his song imaginatively titled: “You’ve Got The Look”, sung alongside Sheena Easton, pretending he knows a thing or two.

I also clearly remember him using some signal as a name and with the word: Slave down one side of his face at a Brit Awards ceremony in the 1990s, only to be eclipsed by Blur drummer Dave Rowntree, who had his first name written down the side of his face at the same ceremony.

That is the trouble with trying to find a look, you can be eclipsed, but with the summer cool look I am writing about today, it will be hard to be eclipsed, words written down your face or whatever.

So where do we start? From the top down I suppose, so a Baracuta G9 (Harrington) the choice of colour is yours, but it must be balanced against the rest of the look, so I would suggest the burgundy, all classic retro look, beautifully balanced a classic, and an original.


Now with such a strong jacket, a simple canvas of BD Baggies Bradford button down shirt, all cotton, long sleeve, one chest pocket.

There are many variations in the BD range, but once again for this look it’s the crisp white that works, perfectly.

Keeping the look retro/modern the off white Levi’s Vintage 519 Bedford Fog trouser is the pick.

A classic five-pocket zip fasten cord offering, that has been making the scene since the 1960s.

The real treat here is the way they are cut slightly shorter in the leg, to sit perfectly over a loafer shoe.

Hold them up with an Anderson’s belt.

Here there is leeway, the brown leather belt, or even the High Shine work, giving a block feel, while the Woven or Braided belts offer a lighter more colourful, playful feel.

The shoes though are set in stone, it’s my way or the highway here I am afraid, so for this look to be complete, the Bass Weejuns Layton Pull Up brown loafer, a corking shoe to complete a corking look.

The Look I say.

Who the fuck is Prince/Slave anyway?

What would he know?

Dave showed him.

Daniel Abrahams

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