Bossing it: Green style


FUNNY OLD game Golf, not funny ‘ha ha’, more funny ‘odd’.

Described as a ‘waste of a good walk’ by Sir Winston Churchill, among others, the game which in many examples is something your dad played or plays, only normally touches the lives of general populous when one of the major events is on, recently for example, the Masters in Augusta or the Ryder Cup.

Some of you will disagree with my comments and viewpoint completely, opinion being like arseholes as they say, everyone has one.

But bear with me, because I am talking about how the game impacts on our everyday lives, you do not see many inner city kids swinging nine irons, unless for other reasons, but it has been known for various ‘football casual’ devotees to sport golf related fashion labels, but for one label a move away from a wholly golf related standpoint has helped it blossom, in fact it has become one of the main stays of the casual side of its ranges, while still keeping its foot firmly planted on the greens, so to speak.

I am of course, talking about Hugo Boss Green, the label which acted as the starting point for sister brand Boss Orange.

The new spring/summer range, which was launched in front of the Los Angeles skyline recently, in a fabulously stylish Beverley Hills setting, plays a wonderful line between modern sportswear and relaxed casual summer clothing, complete with pastel colours, splashes of pink and bright colours and the odd floral print.



The theme running through the range entitled ‘Holiday in Utopia’ seems to fit perfectly, with the designs although simple, being stand out.

With Augusta recently rattling round in my brain for some reason I can see myself taking to the famous American golf course, you know ‘Cinderella story, boy out of nowhere’ sort of thing, clutching one club and bag full of Boss Green garments.

The bag, of course, would be either the Mura white or navy Weekend bag, emblazoned with the brands logo, two carry handles, detachable shoulder strap and zip fastening, slung casually over my shoulder as I approach the club house, all irreverence and Shoreline Water white flip flops.

Of the three baseball cap designs, I reckon it’s good to go bold on the first day, you know really make a statement, so the US cap, large logo emblazoned across the crown, metal fastener navy piping across the peak with green inner band it is.

The Cap 1 design comes in blue or white, smaller logo to the left of the crown, which piping on peak, with contrast white stitching just behind it.

I will I have decided, if I make the cut, ‘ark at me’, wear the bright orange cap, as with the others in design, but orange.

Now obviously as I only have a the one club, an eight-iron, I vaguely remember someone like Lee Trevino using one that he doubled up as a putter by turning it round, I have plenty of room for extra clothing, well why not, it’s all about style over content.

So I am donning the Hakob pink shorts, these are balls out pair, (not sure if that is allowed in the Augusta Clubhouse), with a delicious chequered print and I have gone for a Tee 8, white crew neck t-shirt with pencil scrubbed logo print in blue on the chest.

A more classic design short comes in the Lomeo, which offers a pin stripe in either navy or pink, with slash pockets, welt pockets at the rear and a coin pocket, to keep your marker in I suppose.

There are a series of these Ts, with variations on a theme from the brand logo, I also love the fact they are kept simple even down the naming, Tee 8, Tee 1 and so on, with the 8 coming in grey, or navy, while the simple Tee comes in a pastel light blue, with smaller chest logo, or in navy, while Tee 1 comes in white or Navy, with a graphical design behind the logo name.

Tee 11, comes with a pixelated blue, grey and black floral print.

There is a range of gym (sweat wear) with a hooded sweatshirt in grey or navy, two hand pockets, draw strong hood, and matching Hediko track pants, while the Headlo navy shorts utilise a similar design, in a knee length short.

In the polo shirts the main design comes under the name the Paddy, something I clearly remember having whenever I tried to play golf, and comes in every design imaginable.

The simple Paddy is a tipped three button placket polo in blue, grey, purple, black, white, pink and green, this is the most golf colour out of those on offer, they have contrast collar tip and sleeve ends, with the logo on chest.


The Paddy 6 is a hark back to polo designs of old, pin stripe hoop print on the body, hidden button placket and coming a sheer (satin) cotton finish, blue or white the main body colour.

The Paddy 4 offers a banded almost surf like wash print, it’s very nice and the odd one out from the range on offer.

The one thing in many of the designs, is the bridging of sports and usage, there is a definite multi-discipline feel and approach here.

The Paule designs offer an extension on the polo, contrast collars, banded body colour designs, (tone-in-tone), as it’s known.

Slightly more grown up in design, you could probably wear these in the clubhouse, along with the range of belts, which are far more dress, all leather, with embossed logo on square metal pin buckle throughout, they each have subtle design differences such as the tea bag finish on the Torialo.

Now with the every range there is always one thing that blows you away, rather like my 350 yard eight-iron shot over the water and into the bunker on the 18th, leaving with me an 200-yard lay up shot to putt in for two and take the Masters, having already relieved myself in Amen Corner that is.

With this range it’s definitely the footwear.


On the training shoe side, the Runcool, in a muted navy or black low cut trainer, similar in design to the 996 form New Balance, with contrast heel, suede mesh upper detailing.

The Silvertraining, Spacit and Stiven shoes are multi-use, but generally casual wear designs, logo banding across the quarter, rubber sole, leather upper, with the Stiven coming in white or black, with contrast orange sole, green and grey banding, while the black has a black sole. Think Armani Jeans and the Versace Vitello and you are somewhere near the cut and design of these little beauties.

The Spacit has a thinner branding band, with read or dark grey main body, utilising cowhide and suede, softer sole in red or black on the red or dark grey shoes respectively.

While the Silvertraining, which tops out the range in both price and design coming in dark blue or black.

The devil is on the detail with these, utilising nubuck and cowhide detailing, embossed logo and softer rounded edges compared to the others.

So, how did I do, in my fantasy golf try out?

Well in the immortal words of Bill Murray: “He’s a Cinderella boy. Tears in his eyes, I guess, as he lines up this last shot. He’s got about 195 yards left, and he’s got a, looks like he’s got about an 8-iron. This crowd has gone deadly silent… Cinderella story, out of nowhere, former greenskeeper, now about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mirac- it’s in the hole! It’s in the


So there you go, I am The Boss.

Daniel Abrahams

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