Summer shoe? It’s simply black and John White


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IT’S THE ultimate design for the casual shoe, comes in numerous guises, from the preppy version, to the tassel, to the relaxed beach wear summer/spring shoe, that really is the staple shoe, the moccasin.

The original one-piece shoe, the moccasin design and its history stretches all the way back to the original peoples of North America, it really is timeless in both its construction approach and design.

Boasting all that wonder, the John White Cosmo 2 suede moccasin range is, the prefect summer shoe.

Beautiful suede/leather upper, the shoe is a lightweight fun design, full calf lining, with a heavy tread 100 per cent rubber sole, meaning trekking from the beach to the bar is no problem.

OK, it’s not exactly the hunting and trapping the original moccasin was designed for, but horses for courses.

Four colour variants come from this wonderful old English shoe manufacturer, navy, orange, red and green, the green is almost pearl in its suede finish.

The home of all great shoes Northamptonshire, is where Whites’ were born and the link with military proved the quality of this manufacturer, as they become ‘THE’ boot of choice for Second World War Allied commandos, with canvas and flying boots made by John White for the Royal Navy and the RAF respectively.

Another classic British design Concorde, used to have a model proudly placed at the entrance to Heathrow Airport, with the banner ‘Timeless’ under it, it should now sadly read ‘Flightless’, but the moccasin can still proudly boast to be the former.

And as timeless as they are, they also look fucking cool with a pair of nice trousers or well tailored shorts, as the sun beats down.

Summer is here, and the choice of shoe really is black and John White.

Daniel Abrahams

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