Keeping up Down Under with RM Williams


FOR MANY, Australia is a country that is built on Jason and Kylie, Fosters lager, and Flaming Galah’s, the latter being a type of insult for a dumb person.

I do like to make these blogs a cultural experience.


Yes it is true the water down the toilet goes the opposite way to the UK when you flush, it’s true vast tracks of Australia are uninhabitable and it’s true that they invented the ‘Chelsea’ boot, or at least that is the claim, and who is going too argue??!!

Well not me that’s for sure, because when you look at these quality boots you just get the feeling they are telling the truth.

The boots come in a leather or suede finish, Goodyear Welted, sporting a stacked heel.



They have a workman like feel to them, but that’s not much of a surprise as they have been used by ‘drovers and horsemen’ and working men since 1935.

Do not get confused, these boots are all beautiful lines and design, double heel pull, with the leather boots being oil resistant. There is nothing workmanlike, in the traditional sense about them.


The suede upper boot offers a more rugged look, with all the boots boasting the Made in Australia tag, ensuring quality crafted by hand. All the leather options stock at Stuarts this season are made from Yearling leather uppers.

They come in Sand and brown, with the Sand having a leather sole, while the others have rubber soles. The Sand being the flair boot out of the brand, presumably designed to be worn after a day out on the range. All the Comfort Craftsman boots have a classic chisel toe design. Whilst the Comfort Turnout style shows a more rounder toe cap.

What makes each RM Williams boot even more special from others is the comfort factor. You just need to get one on your foot to know why these Chelsea Boots are a cut above the rest.


The Oil Resistant rubber sole versions come in Tan, Brown suede and Chestnut and surely after all this time, they deserve a place in your wardrobe!!

Don’t be a Flamin Galah. See, cultural.

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