The fame game: Naked & Famous


IN SOME corners of our febrile society getting famous involves being naked, or getting naked, to make a Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton style sex tape, or simple to just push the boundaries of personal moral decency in some puerile and vain glorious attempt to gain some valuable magazine or newspaper column or internet hits or views.

The two seems synonymously linked, but there is a much easier way to get close to the Naked & Famous  and keep your clothes on.

The Japanese denim brand, which is all about rarity and uniqueness, not really attributes that can be associated with Anderson/Hilton et al, now is it, has arrived and looks set to be a staple wonder for any wardrobes this coming year.



Above: Super Skinny Black Stretch Denim

Simplicity and a nice raw aspect to everything they do, the label, that puts as much attention into the fabric, production and overall style of it’s product, so you can simply pour yourself into them and look fucking good.


Above: Weird Guy Left Hand Twill Selvage 13.075oz Denim

Unlike the aforementioned silicon stuffed camera hoarders, there are no extras or gimmicks with Naked & Famous, (and the ampersand is necessary) they are things classed as ‘unnecessary’, and that makes sense.

Why clutter?

Why alter a thing of beauty?

Although the boys and girls at Naked & Famous do like an odd name for their denim, such as Dirty Fade and Weird Guy, but that is about as far a they move away from the superb simplistic style, which to keep on a good bit of alliteration, that is stunning.

So wear your fame lightly, get Naked & Famous.

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