No, no, oh yes, it’s Novesta


EUROPE MAY well be on our door step and it may be the main topic of most news broadcasts, someone refusing to pay their ‘bail out’ loans, or some such nonsense, but when something as cool as the uber cool Slovak footwear Novesta, it all seems a million miles away.


How could something that not only smacks of style, but affordability have been hidden from our gaze for so long?

Well before we get all Mister Magoo on the subject or start hitting ourselves with sticks as some form of self-flagellation, let’s just be thankful these blighters have arrived to brighten up the march into spring time.


They are all canvas and rubber sole, and what a rubber sole it is, with extra thick bumper stylings. It has a much rougher, more organic feel to them, with the sole pressed onto the canvas upper of the shoe, with a net imprint on the sides.

I think they have a more honest style than similar shoes, with all the same quality.


The high tops are known as the Dribble and are available in black, white or tan, with contrast yellow inner lining colouring, while the shoes are called Master and offer the same quality and style, with contrast inner.

The bottom of the sole is all pure white grip, so suitable for any environment, but wherever you decide to sport them, they are sure to catch the eye.

A definite early spring star in the making.

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