CP Company, fighting the good fight


IT IS of course no coincidence that the iconic Italian label CP Company has a military air to it, well, if you look at some of the latest offerings from the Italian stable, it is plain to see and is a definite return to form.


It may not smack of front line action camouflage and all that, but there is definitely an air of R’n’R about the offerings from the lighter relaxed colours to stylings.


The brand’s links with all things militaria goes back to its very beginnings in 1975, with the original designers having a deep love for all things uniforms.


This can be widely seen in off-shoots of CP and although it moved to a more urbanised street look, has gone back to the battlefield once again.


CP Company, could even be a name of a military unit, rather than its real translation of Chester Perry, a far cry from a storming military gun fight that.

The simply beautiful Guibbino olive or dark navy bomber jacket has either front line R’N’R, olive. or Special Ops feel. Simply in design, zip through, two hand pockets, while the goggle on the left hand sleeve, is just right for you ammo or pack of Lucky Strikes.


Now I love the Felpa goggle sweatshirts, that come in black or the grey, it just evokes images of downtime on the frontline, goggle once again on left arm with delicious flat lock stitching. What’s not to love.

Even the grey Ribbed Goggle Hat has a Navy Seals tinge to it, all wool with goggles, you could be forgiven for going on a few nights manoeuvres when you have donned it.

Time to lock and load it seems and get ready for action.

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