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If 10 months of the year are already complete, 8 weeks until Xmas is just a blink of an eye away…..


Where did this year go ?

A question that every  hardworking individual is asking.  Sitting around the pub downing pints like no tomorrow last night and I can’t help notice signs up for “Book your Christmas Dinner” I was browsing through some travel sites on my phone and came across banners that prompted me to plan my Christmas break in advance to avoid the rush. My friends were making suggestions on what to arrange for the Annual Boys Christmas Party.


Last year the lads arranged a swanky restaurant that becomes less swanky by the minute when 22 beer fuelled lads walked in, but the ‘Hostess with the Mostess’ is probably used this type of thing and had our table located accordingly and knew exactly how to keep us at bay.


Getting  back to the blog, its probably time we put up a few suggestions for Christmas ourselves. November is only 5 days away and pretty much the beginning of the rush for Online Xmas shopping. The real peek is around the first week of December when everyone realises they haven’t bought anything yet for their loved ones and friends and go into hyper panic attack mode. Just a little bit of advise, last year we had to disappoint allot of people as stock is not on tap and certainly not unlimited. When we run out of stocks -thats it !



Most of the Exclusive Jackets and Coats we stock are made to order for us, we try our best to forecast what we need for the festive season, however with Xmas shopping increasing year on year online, its hard to make exact predictions. Already some styles like the recent Adidas x Barbour collection have already sold out.  Luckily we have a few more jackets to release on November the 8th as we held some back – and then thats the ‘lot’ done.


View some best sellers to inspire you and get you in the mood to begin thinking about potential ideas for Christmas Presents this year. We have also dedicated a new department:

Department – ‘ Christmas Gift Ideas for Men’ Click Here to View Now >

We’ll keep updating the department through the festive season with all the best sellers and more sought after products along with some simple ideas of grooming products , socks , belts and much more. However with over 10,000 products online to browse through take you pick.

Enjoy the weekend – Over and Out for now.


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