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Its Friday and as we begin to post this outfit at 4pm – which means it’s nearly time to pack up and hit the pub for a couple of extra cold one’s. We are leaving you with an outfit to think about. It’s no point trying to enjoy the weekend looking like your still hope there is a bit of warmth left from the summer. Wake up lads – Its gonna be a cold one this winter and the sun has officially taken a holiday to Australia where the summer is about to begin. We have seen a few days of the chill and whilst dusting down last years jacket, there only one thing that comes to mind – I need a new one that doesn’t look like the one I wore all winter last year.

So here we have a bit of mens fashion selected by me for the weekend. As a buyer at Stuarts London for the last 16 years, you can trust that I am pointing you in the right direction.



Keeping it brief and without going into one,  first up is the Our Legacy jacket, which is looking the nuts to be honest. This fella can be worn with pretty much anything you like from a pair of smart jeans or as I selected  a pair of warm Oliver Spencer trousers. Now by the end of summer we all must a shed load of jeans in the wardrobe, but how many of really have a nice pair of dress pants that are still casual enough to wear down the local, whilst heading on your way to the wine bar for a bit afters? (answers on a postcard please)

All the way from New York we have an A-list designer called Todd Snyder who’s given our old fav brand a bit of  a facelift. Collaborating with Champion he brings us all the archive styles from back in the Wooohhaaay !!  days and has all the garments made up in Italy using the best cotton around. To top it,  a couple of the one-to-one archives styles have been made up in Canada…… now we all know Canadian cotton is what we in the UK hold the right to blurt out …..” The dogs boll…x”

Finally we have two more items of choice to go with this ‘cherry picked’ outfit.  Trust me…. we stock over 10,000 products online from over 250 brands and putting together an outfit takes a bit of thinking … however the thought of the pub & a cold pint …which now writing this blog brings me to 4.26pm …  another 30mins  from this point is keeping  me sane.

Getting back to the products we have a 100% waterproof Brogue Boot – from Swims. Not only is it  light weight & durable – its keeps your feet dry in style.  Which now brings to the Black bag you see. Want Les Essentials is a New York based brand that brings handmade class to the UK. The quality is second to none and if  heading out for a couple of days then this overnight bag is top notch and will complete any outfit.

……  oh – before I head off…   don’t forget to pass this blog on to at least 10 friends as it will bring you good luck and you will instantly become attractive to the girl of dreams.

Have a great weekend folks  …. over and out for now

Ravi Grewal. (Buying Director)

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