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IT MAY not be an exact science like genetics, but Evisu sales director Rhys Davies believes there is a DNA that runs through the brand and,

talking as he prepared to head off for another launch of a new season , it became obvious to Stuarts London that this proud link comes from the label’s determination to never forget where it came from.

Davies said: “Since we were launched in 1991, Evisu has remained the most iconic Japanese denim brand. We were the first to utilise traditional workwear fabrics with a luxury construction whilst sporting artisan hand- painted back pocket branding.

“Our pursuit of excellence in everything we do has given us a place in our customers’ hearts and minds.


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“People remember their first pair of Evisu, some still proudly have them and they use that, in many ways, as a starting point for their style. “We like and respect other labels and we do not guide our customers in their combinations, but more a True Blue collection.”

Utilising global production methods the label is mindful of competitive pricing for its consumers.

“It really depends on who produces the best of each item. We are all about the pursuit of excellence,”

Davies proudly adds.

The label has always garnered a real love and passion among its wearers. Its bold statement back in 1991 to be the first luxury product to be branded on a work wear garment really struck a chord. This chord still keeps original supporters coming back, while attracting new fans each season.

“There really is a nice cross-section of consumers wearing Evisu,” Davies adds. “The Japanese consumerism very much into self-customising their look. The brand was formed with this in mind, making it an individual product. We really promote that as well.”


Garments are bought separately and represented separately, but worn together as part of an overall look. It is not all exclusively Evisu, but we act as the canvas for people to create from.

“If people buy quality such as Evisu then they respect it and all that goes into making that product, they are also respected for buying quality and it shows a side to that person.”

You could say Evisu Jeans and its wearers have a subtle precision.







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