Baracuta G9 | Stuarts London | Original Harrington Jacket

There is only one Harrington Jacket. Many have disputed that Fred Perry holds the flag for Pioneering this style. However there was another as Baracuta developed this jacket in 1937. Worn by the most Iconic of style leaders in our time, Elvis , Steve McQueen , Frank Sinatra, Daniel Craig just to name a few. Originally the name Harrington Jacket came about after an American Sitcom went viral all over the world back in the 60s – ‘Peyton Places’ and every TV enthusiast watched Ryan O’Neil play a character named Rodney Harrington. From this the jacket was dubbed the Harrington jacket, which was even then made in Manchester , England.

Below is a Video released by the Company that still today make this jacket in England using only the best teflon coated cotton fabric. The Fraser Tartan on the inside is specially woven and developed incorporating a cool climax thread which keep the body exactly what it says on the tag. Every effort is placed in making the iconic style great once again, and the best bit – This G9 Baracuta Harrington remains timeless in style.

This season we will also see the release of the all Black Baracuta G9 and other options in a full collared Baracuta in a flat hem , similar style to that of the McGregor Jacket worn by the famous actor James Dean.

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