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With the last buying  season firmly behind us , we are fast preparing to search the globe again for more new brands to launch by Spring Summer 2015. Yep, that how far ahead we are working/planning  in this business. Thankfully our experienced buyers are on the ball and already shortlisting prospective brands to include to the very selective Stuarts London brand portfolio.

For now we are revealing all the latest line up for Autumn Winter 2014. Delivery will commence as early as July for some brands and should all be completed by End of September.

New Brands at Stuarts London :


1. Alden Footwear – is a company that boasts a world wide following of consumers who are looking for the ultimate in Quality production and fine leathers . Established in USA in 1884 by Charles H. Alden.  Early New England shoe making was a trade based upon one craftsman making a pair a day in one room cottages , aka “ten Footers”. Alden even today use only the finest materials to make each pair of shoe by hand. The most sought after Alden shoes are usually made up in the cordovan leathers, which can retail around £500 to £700 depending on the style.




2. Aquascutum isn’t a brand that needs much introduction at all. So lets us tell you something you may not have known. Aquascutum invented the first waterproof cloth in 1853. Then went one step further and created the raincoat and have carried on doing so for over 160 years.  Known for  one of the most iconic garment ever created : The Trench Coat. Although it was originally designed and produced for the military, by the 21st century it became a cornerstone in every wardrobe. Founder John Emary worked in collaboration with the British military to turn his patented waterproof fabric into a garment that offered functionality and protection for the soldiers of the First World War. To date this level of innovation has continued to imbed itself at the heart of the brand.



3. Boneville – is back . Back in 1981 this brand was a major contender , a thoroughbred brand from the legendary Massimo Osti.  The collection revisits it’s past and re-creates the iconic originals that once captured the eyes of many. Every garment has been carefully crafted in Italy. What makes Boneville unique are the fabrics which are specially made for each garment. Extenuative research and development is carried out before the mill produce the fabrics  to be used for each jacket.  This is one brand to watch , and here the boys at Stuarts London can’t wait to get their hands on some of the exclusive styles due to launch this July 2014.




4.  Adidas Y3 – Yoji Yamamoto is a celebrated , award winning Japanese fashion designer based in Tokyo and Paris. He is considered to be the master of design with a very influential stance in the fashion industry. Originally he debuted in paris in 1981. Y-3 was launched in 2003 and collaborated with Adidas to create some amazing sneakers that just pushed innovation and design to a next level.  It’s been 14 years since the first collection was shown in Paris.  Even today Yoji doesn’t fail to inspire new designers with his creative flare. The first of the shoes will begin to arrive late July.




5. Champion + Todd Snyder – Activewear giant Champion teams up with Todd Snyder, famous for Military tailoring, inspired by Savile Row craftsmanship and distinct New York sensibility. Named one of GQ’s Best New Menswear Designers, he has become the man of the moment. This success is a humbling reaffirmation of Snyder’s roots. In Dutch, his surname means “one who makes outer garments” and while studying textile and clothing design at Iowa State University, Snyder learned the art of cutting and sewing at the Des Moines haberdashery Badowers. He spent the following two decades honing his skills in New York, designing outerwear for Polo Ralph Lauren.


6. Creative Recreation – The original lifestyle footwear brand established in 2002, the founders were dissatisfied with what the industry was offering in the way of smart sneakers. They set out to create a high quality footwear line that addressed the needs of an emerging lifestyle consumer. They wanted to design footwear that they would like to wear out in the evening. By combining the best attributes of different footwear categories, the comfort of a sneaker with the materialisation of a dress shoe, the ultimate crossbreed of lifestyle footwear was born. Creativity is a driving force throughout the company, and invention lies at the heart of the brand. Their passion for pioneering this market over 10 years ago, is the driving force inspiring Creative Recreation to continually recreate the future of lifestyle footwear today.



7. Fjall Raven – Makes a return to Stuarts London. Originally a brand we discontinued about 5 years back due to being overly distributed, Fjall Raven have regained their rightful place amongst our selective brands. With improved quality and only being sold in a handful of UK stores Fjall Raven aims to please with it’s A/W14 collection. The story began in the 1950s , Fjäll Räven means Arctic Fox in Swedish, honouring the small and highly adaptable predator that lives in the Swedish mountains under the harshest conditions. From the small town of Örnsköldsvik, Fjällräven has now expanded to every corner in the world. The fundamental ideas remain the same; provide functional, durable, and timeless equipment to make the outdoors more enjoyable for all. We continue to find smart, innovative solutions to make every adventure an unforgettable one.

Green Land Jacket Fjall Raven


8. Folk Clothing – a highly respected British menswear brand. Folk have built their loyal following of customers based on their fine clothing , unique fabrics and designs. One of the first to set the ball rolling on inspiring other indie British labels to create their own collections and introducing something fresh to the “bored of the hight street” consumer.  Since launch they have been very careful to select which retailers are eligible to sell their brand. Mainly to protect the image and keep the brand only amongst the very coolest of trend setting shoppers. Stuarts London is proud to present the A/W14 collection of Folk.



9. Hugo Boss Green –  Hugo Boss Green collection originally aimed at the Golf Sport / lifestyle consumer looking for the ultimate in comfortable clothing whilst playing a round of 18 Holes or wearing a waterproof jacket walking the dog. Each garment is designed with function to serve a purpose.  Over the last few seasons Boss Green collection has become the preferred choice of many, as a result the collection has grown to offer more casual aspects to their range from denim jeans to fine quality polo shirts with oversized logo’s.  In particular the buying team at Stuarts London were very excited at the high spec Boss Green Trainers and Track Suits. Deliveries will commence from end July 2014.


10. Hunter Mens Collection – Now during the winter season it’s become wise to invest in a quality pair of wellington boots. After searching the market we only found one that held real value for money and does what it says on the tin. Hunter Boots are simply amazing and built to last, a company that still proudly bears the Royal Warrant  and that doesn’t stop to take a chance and enter a new territory.  For A/W 14 Hunter will be launching their first collection of Fine Mens Winter Coats and Knitwear, along with some super fabulous waterproof back packs. To be honest whatever is said to compliment the collection will not be enough. Although the launch was originally planned for A/W13 , sample and products were not to a satisfying  level for the Hunter head office. Back to the drawing board, the A/W14 the collection looks mouthwateringly tasty. Stuarts London will be one of very few Exclusive Stockist carrying the label for its first  season’s launch.



11. Iceberg – Founded in 1974 by Silvano Gerani and Giuliana Marchini.  Like other fashion houses in Italy Iceberg was also famous for making fine leather goods. The mainline collection for mens clothing came in later years around the mid 80s and by the 90s the Iceberg jeans collection was a big hit across the world. Iceberg was commonly found being worn by A-List Celebs on the red carpets of a glitzy event. A time when wearing smart jeans was the only option and denim wasn’t allowed in most venues, the stylish chic label created its own market space. Along with Iceberg smart suits and fine outerwear coats, the casual collection in the 90s hit mainstream with printed novel t-shirts and chunky knitwear. Iceberg commonly sold only in stores where you could find Gucci, Prada, Moschino.



12. Matchless London leathers is revival project being carried out by the team that once was famous for bringing Belstaff back to life. Matchless originally started its life out making motorbikes in London, UK during the year of 1878. Although they started making bicycles first by 1899 Matchless made their first Motorbike. With years of experience behind them, 20 years later they launched the Silver Hawk and Silver Arrow models. The production of fine motorbikes led to making the best accompanying equipment, one area which took off as a ‘must have’ essential were the Matchless leather jackets.

More motorbike models were produced and supplied to the armed forces during the second world war, in which 80,000 models were manufactured. The history of Matchless is endless yet very interesting. We’ll do a full write up on the company background when stock starts to arrive.

Lastly  we would like to mention ‘The Age Of Rebellion’  – Marlon Brando was very passionate about high end motorbikes. Below is an image of Marlon wearing his Matchless leather Jacket and enjoying his  Matchless 600cc Scrambler which was custom built just for him, and further having the M logo turned upside down as a mark of uniqueness and individuality.




14. Moschino – Fall / Winter 2014-15 designed by Jermy Scott hist Stuarts London from July 2014.  A global mens designer brand, Moschino makes it own path in this world. In the 90s was known as always being the “off key” designer , with wild all over printed shirts with matching trousers. For A/W 2014 we see the release of some archive graphic t-shirts and printed love and peace logo sign shirts.  The collection has very much returned to its roots , with slim fit denim jeans and woven knitwear and interesting detail on leather jackets. One to look out for is the Moschino Leather Biker jacket. (very cool) Below is  what Moschino is capable of producing , a shirt which celebrates the 50 years of brand and their best selection of famous prints.



15. Naked and Famous Denim – A Luxury denim brand making fine Rare and Raw quality jeans  importing only from the best Japan based denim Mills. All Jeans are then produced in Canada keeping things simple. No colouring, embroidery or gadgets are used. Only the best fabrics for trims and combined with modern cuts.  The Canadian based denim brand is very exclusive in the UK and with only a couple of stockist like Liberty and Selfridges are known to represent the brand.  Stuarts London is proud to added to the list of stockist for A/W14.  Naked and Famous is a purist denim lovers brand. The company makes fun of other celeb endorsed brands that try to sell a jeans for over $300 , just because it’s being worn by the latest celeb. The Logo of on the leather patch is from the Pop Art of the 1950s. The Pop Art artists paints a picture of what was the “ideal Blonde women” as a satire of the media and mass culture. Naked and Famous , then re-launched this image to them. “We want to achieve the same thing”.  The choice of rare denim’s is what this jeans connoisseur is all about and offering their pants in with nep right hand twill, left-hand twill, broken twill, alternating mixed twill, double-weaves, W-weaves, big slub denim, super and denim multi-color nep, chambrays, dobby cloths, and more.

Naked and Famous Denim Jeans at Stuarts London


16. REAL STARS ARE RARE is a new menswear label from Paul Weller. (aka. Mod Father)
The collection has been designed by Paul in a collaboration with Phil Bickley, owner of Tonic, a menswear store in West London. The Autumn/ Winter 2014 launch collection includes tailoring, knitwear, shirting and accessories. There’s no ‘considered demographic’. REAL STARS ARE RARE is for men of all ages. Great care has gone into sourcing the best possible materials and fabrics.  The collection works together, crossing over between formalwear and sharp casuals. There’s fluidity here. It’s all about movement and texture. We’ve got 33 gauge wool Merino knits and super fine kid mohair jackets and trousers that feel as special as they look. Our tight, considered colour palette features purple, indigo, plum and bright blues alongside rich, chocolate tones and cool greys.

Paul Weller:

“The name comes from a line I heard somewhere: ‘REAL STARS ARE RARE… they only come out at night.’ Make of that what you will but I like it and there’s a lot of truth in it!”


17. D by D Syoukei is somewhat of a special tailoring brand from Japan.  Syoukei has all his cloths designed and made in Japan from some of the finest specialist fabric makers. Whats more each Blazer he designs is then further hand-cut and sewn in his own workshop by himself.  What attracted us the most to the brand was the unconstructed look of each style and the subtle details used to complete each design. As each Blazer is made to order Stuarts London were able to add our own bespoke detailing to each style we have due in. Every blazer is made with 100% pure leather buttons, Perforated fine leather detailing used as trims under the lapels or as elbow patches. We are really excited about this brand as it will Launch exclusively in the UK from A/W 2014 only at Stuarts London.  Each handmade blazer will retail around £399 – 450 depending on the cloth and detail. In our opinion a fantastic price for a tailor-made blazer imported all the way from Japan, which isn’t available anywhere to buy in the UK.



18. Spiewak Golden Fleece – Since 1904 is not a brand to be taken lightly.

Isaac Spiewak is a compelling example of one such success. Mr. Spiewak grew up in a turbulent Warsaw, Poland, fled to America in 1903 and created a small family- run garment house in Brooklyn New York in 1904 with his family by his side.  Over a century after its founding, I. Spiewak & Sons, Inc., under the leadership of Isaac’s great grandson, has grown into one of the premier names in fashion and workwear. The authentic Spiewak industrial line has been trusted by the soldiers of WWI and WWII and is currently worn with pride by thousands of police, fire and EMS agencies around the globe.   Looking back, it is fitting that the Golden Fleeced Flying Ram – from Greek mythology’s “Quest for the Golden Fleece”, was chosen as a symbol of Isaac Spiewak’s journey, his company, and what has developed into an enduring and growing legacy.  We at Stuarts London are proud to be part of relaunch of this major brand with over 100 years of history back into the UK.

0001-1114711 Stuarts London Snorkel parka


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