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The first major holiday of the year is fast coming upon us. We’ve scouted  through the website  to put together a range of decent essentials to pack for your spring break.  No suitcase will be safe without these essentials.

First up, the “Basic Needs” to keep you looking neat and tidy in more ways than one. A fresh set of underwear & socks goes a long way. No one likes smelly old ones, leave them for the gym as a holiday is the best excuse to top up. Plus if you “get lucky” on holiday you’ll be eager to show off your set of ………. new socks and boxers !!  (of course)

We’ve also selected a take away grooming set to keep your stubble at bay along with an authentic Safety Razor  for the ultimate close shave all by Baxter of California. Now we know how all the Brits love a good glass of red , so we have included a contemporary toothpaste by Marvis. Their paste is only based on traditional processing method that guarantees a dense, compact texture with maximum protection, unmistakably fresh sensation and an extraordinary whitening effect.  In other words this will help keep that sparkle looking top.




Above we have combined the essential starter kit for your holiday, one that can fit into any weekend bag with ease.

1.  Hugo Boss  3 Pack Vest –  £35  – Add to Basket

2.  Hugo  Boss 3 Pack Multi – £35 – Add to Basket

3.  Baxter of California 123 Shave Kit – £75 – Add to Basket

4.  Hugo Boss 2 pack Socks + Wash Bag – £18 – Add to Basket

5.  Baxter of California Safety Razor – £60 – Add to Basket

6. Marvis Whitening Tooth Paste (75ml) – £6.95 – Add to Basket

So , now that we have covered some basic essentials, lets get into the holiday mode. Remember this starts as soon as you set foot into the airport. The pretty girl at check-in is always on the look out to upgrade a passenger and if you look the part, your half way there already.  Also it’s important to make this outfit with care. As you will not want to be packing too much footwear and clothing anyway, you should be able to separate this outfit to work with other items you have packed. I used to pack way too much on my summer vacation, trying to match this with that and think of what I was going to wear in the evenings, which meant I kept adding things to the bag.  Most of the time I came back with only wearing 40-50% of what I took with me.  Remember if you ruin something on holiday, there is always the option to treat yourself to something new while away.



Above is our selection of a comfortable travel outfit. Leave the Hawaiian print holiday shirt in the bag until you reach the destination. Keep it looking smart but casual for your journey always commands respect. We put together a Preppy / Riviera look which will always be fashionable and never out of date. Each item will work with most other outfits  or styled together. Don’t forget to check out the Bellroy leather travel wallet , excellent for keeping foreign currency and your passport in one place. Comes with multiple Credit Card sleeves and a handy pen for those pesky landing cards.

1.  Oliver Spencer Cotton / Linen Blazer – £310 – Add to Basket

2.  Bellroy Travel Wallet – £89 – Add to Basket

3.  Your Passport – Priceless – Add to you don’t forget list.

4.  Norse Projects James T Shirt – £55 – Add to Basket

5. Jeffery West Handcuff Loafers – £285 – Add to Basket

6. Original Penguin Shorts – £45 – Add to Basket

Right !!  Next up, some cool Beach/ Resort wear.  Depending on your chosen location you may need to trade up  your swim wear to be in line with with the current hype. If that’s the case look no further than Orlebar Brown swimwear, the very best in designer shorts known to man.  They are smart enough to wear around town because of the almost waterproof like technical fabric making them ultra quick dry , jump out of the pool , pop on a pair of Swims loafers,  which by the way, are the ultimate replacement for dorky looking snorkel slippers. Wear them in the water or about town, you will be the envy of many when you’re walking the water parks and others are hopping about because the floor it too dam hot from the blistering sunshine. Furthermore  they are very comfortable.

Get your self a good pair of sunnies and a bucket hat to block out the sun off your face, you don’t want a tan line from you sunglasses to grace your face. ( not cool )

We have also selected a decent bag from Hershal supply co, and Paul Smith T-shirt to complete the outfit which are great add ons to the wardrobe and very usable when you return back from your vacation.



1. Universal Works Floral Bucket Hat – £30  –  Add to Basket

2. Swims Penny Loafers – £105  –  Add to Basket

3. Paul Smith T-Shirt – £69 – Add to Basket

4.  Girogio Armani – Retro sunglasses – £212 –  Add to Basket

5.  Orlebar Brown Swim shorts – £135  –  Add to Basket

6. Hershal Supply co Bag – £65 –   Add to Basket

Lastly we have selected an evening outfit, which can work with the Oliver Spencer blazer from the travel outfit we recommend.  A slim fit chino from Gant Rugger , which should sit just above the shoes to bear a little flesh from your ankles or a bright coloured sock , which ever you fancy. Combined with the new addiction from Sebago. The Suede penny loafers come in a range of colours, here we have opted for the tan which will work most looks.

As it’s an evening outfit it’s quite nice to keep the mood of the holiday flowing. For this Farah print shirt will look awesome worn alone or dressed under a blazer. The belt must match the shoes , it essentially makes any outfit look well thought out. For this we have added in the Anderson’s Belt. Handmade in Italy and will work with a number of colours of footwear. Not to mention it looks awesome on the pale yellow chino’s. Lastly we have added in the travel kit from Baxter California. Most men don’t like to wear moisturisers but on holiday the skin will get dry quicker and with this kit, it get you looking shiny and brand-new for any evening event. The plus point is, it comes with a cool wash bag to hold you other essentials. Don’t forget to get the Alka Selzers from the airport , you will need them for the morning after, Best taken the night before though, with plenty water , thats if you can get to it  prior to crash landing the bed.




1. Sebago Suede Penny Loafer – £120 – Add to Basket

2. Gant Rugger Chino – £110 – Add to Basket

3. Anderson’s Belts – £55 – Add to Basket

4. Gabicci Shirt – £50.00 – Add to Basket

5. Baxter California Travel Kit – £45 – Add to Basket

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