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As it’s now November I reckon it’s safe for me to mention the J word.


That’s right, gents, it’s knitwear season. It’s time to don a garment made of nature’s woolliest mammal and keep yourself toasty until the winter’s over, (which will probably be sometime in late March).

Now I know what you’re thinking; winter knits = hideous Christmas jumpers like great aunt Flo used to make. And while it’s true that some festive offerings can make you look like Noel Edmonds circa House Party Christmas Special 1994. I promise you we’ll only be talking about the sort of jumpers sheep themselves would be proud to be seen in.

First up, the cable knit. Now it is impossible to look bad in a cable knit sweater. They are, to the upper body, what a pair of well-cut jeans are to the lower half. They suit everyone, and will go with everything. This grey marl example from Matinique is the perfect example of why this is true. Slim fitted, and with a familiar cable knit pattern, this jumper is a classic. And, as it’s Danish-designed, will (possibly) bring out your inner Norseman.

Matinique Cable knit sweater

Matinique cable knit sweater from Stuarts London

But, I hear you cry, if you want something a little more contemporary? Edgy knitwear, as it were. If that’s the case then this Versace sweater could be exactly what you’re after. No one does striking like Versace, and this is certainly that. With a geometric black/cobalt pattern this is a jumper for those of you who feel confident wearing bold clothing. It’s also utterly unique, you’re not likely to see anyone else wearing this, so if you like your clothes as individual as you are, this could be for you.

Keeping with the knitwear theme, but diverting away from jumpers, let’s look at cardigans. We have a range at Stuarts, from the traditional to the contemporary. One I think is particularly interesting is this one from Uniforms for the Dedicated. What I like about it is the fact that it’s cut like a blazer, with a single breast and deep pockets. It’s actually incredibly smart, the sort of piece you could, quite easily, wear to the office over a shirt and tie.

This Gabicci Vintage cardigan is perhaps the opposite of the Uniforms for the Dedicated number. Lightweight and slim-fit, it feels more like polo shirt than what you’d traditionally expect of a cardigan. With a striking sixties print, it’s dapper and smart, perfect weekend wear.

Now I am going to dwell on Christmas jumpers for just a moment, simply because if you are going to buy a festive garment of sheep extraction then it really should be this one. By Fred Perry, this is a handsome cream knit manages to be seasonal without the chintz. Inspired by the traditional knits of the 1950s, the turtleneck is a classic that’s above fashion, much like most of the Fred Perry range. The fairisle print is equally timeless, and far more stylish than anything featuring reindeers could ever hope to be. As it’s 100% lambs wool it’s also guaranteed to be warmer than chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Fred Perry fairisle sweater

A festive fairisle knit by Fred Perry

The excuse to indulge yourself with a good piece of knitwear is, in my humble opinion, one of the best things about winter. The range and quality on offer gets better year on year, and I’m proud to say that our selection at Stuarts creams off the pick of a number of designers’ ranges. Regardless of whether you’re a cable knit traditionalist an advocate of contemporary design, get involved, steal the coat off a sheep’s back and wrap yourself up warm.

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