Matinique – For the Urban Man

Matinique – For the Urban Man


This Scandinavian company has been influencing the fashion market for 40 years and since the legendary Niels Martinsen founded Matinique back in 1973, the brand has always been one of the fashion world’s finest. Skilfully interpreting new trends to a wider audience, Matinique has remained focused on providing clear and simple choices to male consumers of fashion. They have kept a steady brand promise, always staying true to the Matinique personality and the brand signature.

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Throughout, the result has been fashionable collections for the urban man, blending formal and casual looks with high quality and affordability at the heart and core. Fitting and comfort always come first, and modern tailoring techniques are used, making every item special. Matinique aims the brand for the urban man whose fashion sense allows him a personal and cool style, as well as an eye for the complementing details.

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The style aims for the 25-35 year old, man, ambitious, confident, determined with that certain touch of class that puts him at the centre of decisions and while fashion is not his primary focus in life, he lives an active and ambitious life and wants his look to reflect this. Looking towards seasons to come, it is Matinique’s ambition to hold on to its unique identity keeping close to product, trends and masculinity.  Behind the scenes at Matinique, a small and dedicated design team works hard every day to create those essential styles. And the core of Matinique’s design profile, lies in the ability to create products that evoke a lifestyle for today’s modern man.

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They design a range of clothes that encapsulate an urban lifestyle for the man who combines life as a professional with leisure and going out. That exact combination is our focus: creating fashion that embraces both formal and casual. Working with four collections a year with up to 140 styles delivered in monthly drops, catering to fashion-craving men in more than 20 countries, design becomes more than a matter of defining and creating trends; every item also has to address national preferences and tendencies.

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To meet the different needs, every collection is designed on a scale from formal to business casual to casual, making it easy to style a look according to local preferences while still adhering to the Matinique look of the season.

“Today Matinique creates fashionable collections for the urban man, blending formal and casual looks with high quality and affordability.”

Martinique from Stuarts of London


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