Filson Bags – Hardworking, Long Lasting, and Rugged

Filson Bags – Hardworking, Long Lasting, and Rugged

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If you’re looking for a range of bags and luggage then Filson preview their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection with  a mix of new styles. Their “tin cloth” textile is for the first time mixed with a heavy-twill on their weekend bags and totes. The entrepreneur Clinton C. Filson from Seattle in the Northwest of the USA found his salvation and purpose during the Great Gold Rush at Klondike River. Differing from the prospectors, he did not resort to the mines and rivers but supplied the adventurers with heavy-duty clothing and robust luggage.


In 1897 he founded the C.C. Filson Company, and up until today his name stands for excellent weather-guard and leisure clothing, and above all for hard-wearing bags. Currently, Filson carries about 100 pieces with their series of bags & luggage in a selection of fabrics, different colors, and shapes. Filson offers luggage, apparel bags, duffle baggage, briefcase and laptop or computer bags, backpacks, outdoor baggage, tote handbags, shoulder bags, fishing protective cases. Over thirty models are available.

Filson Twill Carry-on Travel Bag 70081


You can choose from briefcases, laptop bags, small, large and medium weekender bags up to suit covers, trolleys and lots of different travel gear solutions as well as rucksacks, shopping and small shoulder bags. Most of the styles are available in Filson‘s typical colours: “Brown” describes a red shimmering brown nuance, “Dark Tan” a strong sand tone and “Otter Green” a dark hunting green. One characteristic which tends to make a Filson bag incredibly good would be the application of high quality fabrics, which include tin-cloth 100% cotton, wool, rugged twill, canvas cloth, denim, not to mention bridle natural leather.

Filson Original Briefcase Otter Green 70256341135


Filson incorporates each of these high-quality fabrics as they look good and given that these products are strong and longer lasting. Each individual Filson bag and luggage is likewise very useful and practical. Filson bags are made to always be hardworking, long lasting, and rugged. They are simply beautiful and everlasting bags and luggage that look even better with time. Filson bags and luggage will be perfect for work and play and thrive in any type of location. Having the perfect Filson bag is undoubtedly making a sound choice that will assist one amazingly well for some time.

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 These Filson bags are available from Stuarts of London

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