Tellason Jeans | Made in USA | Selvage Cone Denim

Tellason Jeans at Stuarts London made in USA , Cone Denim

Tony Patella & Pete Searson are a duo on pursuit to make the very best on offer in the denim world. Based in San Francisco, California Patella and Searson are not new to the industry, they have over 20 years experience working with fashion. Both sharing a passion for items crafted and authentic, the two turned a double decade long friendship into a business partnership to craft the world best denim jeans.

The question we wanted to find out……..have they achieved it?

Tellason Ladbroke Jeans

After extensively wearing the jeans and seeing how they compare to a pair of my classic favourite brands like Levis Vintage , Edwin and Nudie – Tellason have stood the strength of time and worn in like one would expect from a £179 jeans. To be honest compared to the £215 , 14.5oz Levis vintage offer, Tellason is very fairly priced. Especially when Tellason’s £179 model is a 16.75oz denim. As a result we at Stuarts London have placed these jeans amongst our top denim brands and suggest they are a must have for any denim lover looking for an alternative to their standard issue.

All Tellason jeans are made in USA. What’s even better they are actually cut and sewn in San Francisco by experienced denim craftsmen. Each pair goes through a rigorous check point process to make sure the end product is worthy of its “Heavy Duty” Tellason leather hide patch, stitched to the waistband, made by Tanner Goods, Portland.  Even the pockets are made from superior quality canvas cotton and the back pockets are half lined on the inside for further durability.

We’ve established they are made well and the quality is up there with the rest. Is the actual selvage denim any good?

Yes. All Tellason jeans are only made from a Cone denim produced in Cone Mills’ White Oak plant, situated in Greensboro, North Carolina. If you know you stuff, you’ll know that’s the same place where Levi’s Vintage get their denim manufactured from too.

16.75oz Tellason Gustav Jeans at Stuarts London

Soon to be available on the Stuarts London website on 19-04-2013 , Tellason jeans are already available  in store now from today. Starting the collection with three denim options. The first is the Ladbroke fit, a 14.75oz Denim, a Slim tapered leg and a narrow hem at 15″ with a low waist and low rise. The name of the jeans is based on the famous Ladbroke Grove area in London, UK.

16.50z Tellason Jeans

The second is based on more of a 60s cut, with a mid rise waist but more forgiving fit around the seat and thighs, but still tapered in from the knee down to a 15″ hem. This style is named ‘Gustav’ and in my opinion is relaxed version of the slimmer Ladbroke fit, with a slightly longer front and back rise . However it not a loose fit and still slim in the leg, Gustav in comparison to others denim companies is a similar fit to Edwin’s Ed55 , Levi’s zXX 1954 or Nudie’s Grim Tim. The Gustav is available in two weights at a 14.75oz denim priced at £169 or 16.5oz priced at £179.

Cone Denim from the White Oak Plant in North Carolina

All the jeans have been given extra length in the leg too.  Mainly to allow for slight shrinkage on first wash and also allows you to turn them up to show off the selvage.

The short legs are in a 31″ inside leg , the regular in a 33″ inside leg and the long leg is available in 35″ leg.

Tellason Coverall Denim Jacket

We hope you like the selection so far of Tellason jeans we have, also to compliment the collection we have added in the ultimate workwear denim jacket complete with a carpenter’s wooden pencil, named the Coverall Jacket. We have good expectations for this denim brand and hope to see more good designs  added to the collection soon.

Written by Ravi Grewal

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