Levi’s Vintage Clothing Spring/Summer 2013 Hot Rod Collection

 Levi’s Vintage Clothing Spring/Summer 2013 Hot Rod Collection

Levi’s Vintage Clothing Spring 2013, decided to explore a very specific subculture of this  collection.

The term Hot Rod first appeared in California in the 1930s to describe cars with large engines modified for linear speed, typically old Ford T-Models from scrapyards customised by young enthusiasts with little or no money but a D.I.Y. punk attitude.

By the 1950s sophisticated paint designs decorated the bodies of the cars and competition in customising became so fierce that top cars barely saw daylight except for drag strips and exhibition halls.

Levi’s is honouring the popular art by including a very limited run of 25 printed white sweatshirt, each with a unique design made by the famous pinstriper and graphic designer Von Franco.

Vintage hot-rod-style clothing and accessories make up the new collection and Levi’s put together an exhibition exploring the iconic Hot Rod of hot-rod-inspired fashions and visuals and  a culture of the 1950s along with a clothing collection honouring the culture’s unique style. The corner stones of the theme include ankle cropped corduroy Levi’s and the colourful short sleeved shirts.

Included in the collection are American hot rod culture of the 1950s and ’60s, highlighted by a suede trucker jacket and woven shirts done up in designs ranging from broad colourful stripes, and printed stars motif to an archived Hawaiian patterns and accessories that reflect the sharply dressed car owners of the time  and that includes custom one-of-a-kind apparel pieces and props in celebration of the collection.

Levi’s hasn’t just put on a display of clothes, they’ve also offered a fleshed-out exhibition of hot-rod-inspired fashionsand visuals.

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