Levi’s Vintage Clothing Spring/Summer 2013 – Lookbook

Levi’s Vintage Clothing Spring/Summer 2013 – Lookbook

Focusing in on reinterpretations of fashions from two eras: the late 1800′ miner and the golden era 20th century Hot Rod enthusiast, the Levi’s Vintage Clothing has announced its latest lookbook for 2013 spring/summer.

Looking at the miner era, a trip to America’s Death Valley for the label’s design team provided insight into the sensibilities of a miner’s life, resulting in a collection one would expect from a such a storied brand.

Levi’s sent their people into an unexplored mine  on a scavenger hunt of sorts. The output are garments for men and women that pay tribute to the difficult and dangerous work of the time.

Cropped pants, patterned shirting, 501 jeans, zip sweatshirts, jumpers, coats, and of course denim punctuate the range, while themes running through each photo reflect heavily on 19th century mining workwear.

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