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Stetson Hats

Stetson hats were born In 1865, and Stetson created the first hat to withstand the demands of the western frontier.

Worn by the working man and upperclass alike, Stetson continues to make products that promote the spirit of individuality, integrity, and lasting style. John B. Stetson changed all that and built one of America’s most well-known and successful businesses.

The longevity and history of the John B. Stetson Company is based on innovation and quality! John B. Stetson led the hat industry his entire career by designing new hat styles for fashion and function.

When it came to quality it was his creed and for the past 130 years it has so stamped the product that the name and the word are synonymous. Stetson insured that the hats he crafted where made with quality, durability, innovation and beauty in mind. Today those features are still the driving force behind each Stetson hat.

No American hat brand name is more recognised around the world than Stetson. Founded in 1865, John B. Stetson’s biography reads like a Horatio Alger tale. Although most associate a Stetson hat with a felt western or cowboy style in fact Stetson makes hats and caps in a large variety of styles and materials.

Today the Stetson hat factory in Garland, Texas is one of the largest in the country and produces a line of hats in hundreds of different styles and colours.

In spite of this size, however, classic styling and premium quality remain as the driving forces behind each and every hat. As a result, Stetson hats are the most well known hats in the world. Wherever and whenever hats are discussed Stetson will be mentioned.

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