Rail Roaded – Schott NYC AW 2012 collection

Rail Roaded – Schott NYC AW 2012 collection

On the rail road, the Schott Autumn/Winter 2012 collection has been inspired by the railways of WWII era. With their hand-crafted quality, timeless outerwear, Schott NYC jackets were built for the toughest of jobs and highlights include three classic styles of jackets; the bomber, motorcycle, and pea coat constructed in fabrics from leather to shearling, the moto-inspired fitted leather jacket the Military and Biker inspired leather jackets show a classic garment with a modern fit.

These classic garments with just a touch of modern fit. Schott NYC  an American clothing manufacturing company located in  NYC. The company was founded in 1913 by brothers Irving and Jack Schott. Schott NYC was the first company to put a zipper on a jacket, and they created the classic Perfecto Motorcycle Jacket  made popular in movies.

Their hand-crafted jackets are symbols of American culture quality, innovation, and individuality, ideals that define everything they do.

Their goal is not so much to make jackets that are worn, but to create jackets that continue to define American culture.

Schott at Stuarts of London

Schott NYC Schott Bombardier Mouton Homme Brown Jacket LC

Schott NYC US 740N Pea Navy Jacket

Schott NYC LC8102 Dark Brown Police Jacket

Schott NYC LC2134 Vintage Dark Brown Leather Jacket LC2134

Schott NYC Fairbanks Navy Blue Snorkel Coat

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