Common People AW 12 – Comes wIth a British Twist

Common People AW 12

The great brand Common People, comes from the mind of former head of design for esteemed menswear label, Nigel Cabourn, has been inspired by  vintage Americana, by the film ‘There Will Be Blood’.

Their creative Director Kestin Hare has given this collection a AW12 collection  a heavy injection of rough British charm. Designed for people with a common interest in premium clothing and footwear, opting instead for great design, strong materials and a certain contemporary take on the timeless, representing a movement back to provenance and focuses on premium quality, craftmanship and local sourcing.

The Common People collection, while the inspiration for each piece speaks of a genuine love of vintage clothing and simple, classic design, re-imagined in premium materials with craft and quality throughout.temporary product with identitY. Included is the  the Mackinaw jacket in wax cotton or wool, the Norfolk jacket and the wool chino, each piece in the line with their rich and dark hues tells a story of craftsmanship and design.

A great stand  out piece is the Leather Deck jacket made in collaboration with Aero Leather who many rate as making ‘The toughest jackets in the world.

Made from horsehide & lined with 100% highland wool and finished to the highest standard, and the burgundy waxed hunting jacket made from that Dundonian waxed cotton and finished with tweed & navel clips. Common People is designed for people with a common interest in premium clothing and footwear.

Common People from Stuarts of london…

Common People Laundered Panel Shirt Brown

Common People Grey DB Blazer AC600

Common People Workwear Charcoal Blazer Jacket AC610

Common People Dylan Mid Grey Suede Shoe

Common People Mackinaw Olive Wax Jacket

 Common People NEP Wool Burgundy Parka AC608

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