Nike Releases for Spring 2013 – Nike Air Max 90 OG

So the cool Nike Air Max are back in the Original colour way of the 90s. Although they were re-leased a few years back, Nike have allowed another limited edition run. The Air Max sole has been given a slight vintage yellow overlay to enhance the shoes vintage appeal.

The Nike Air Max 90 OG was a true style icon. Back in the days when the Slogan was- “Just DO It” and Nike Air Jordons were only worn on the court. How things change with time, but to see these shoes back after my first pair 23 years ago, brings a deep emotion and love for these Nike Trainers. So many trainer geeks out there will have loads to say about this shoes, some will like the re-issue and other will not. For me its not about any of that, its a chance to wear a pair of Nike Air Max’s that I wore trying to impress that pigtailed girl in school. So in the true Nike way lets – ” Just Do IT”

If You like the trainers as much as I do, the you can Pre-Order your pair now on our website: Nike Pre Order Click Here   Trainers are due for Delivery Early January 2013.

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