Urbanears: An Unprecedented Experience in Ergonomics

In just six months Stocklhom-based Urbanears have made a huge impact on the global market with their unique and multi-coloured brand of ear/headphones. The latest development from Urbanears comes in its Medis, an unprecedented experience in ergonomics, functionality and design, taking the next step for the in-ear headphone.

What makes Medis unique is how it sits in your ear. The Medis uses the patented EarClick solution to secure the earpiece at two separate points to the outer canal of your ear, rather than one, relieving pressure to a nearly non-existent level, while keep it firmly in place. The Medis is now available through select retailers, coming in 12 colours.


The design of the Plattan is simple and sleek. It allows the user to express themselves through a colour choice. The headphones are equipped with a built in microphone and a remote in the cord. They feature a durable fabric cord that limits tangles. Urbanears also gave the Plattan a unique feature, called the Zound Plug, which allows for another person to plug their headphones into the Platten and share your music.

The casual listener of hip-hop, techno, and so forth will be satisfied with the overall sound quality. the UrbanEar Plattan Headphones are a great options for those looking for a low cost and good sounding headphones in a wide array of colour choices.

Urbanears now at Stuarts of London

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