Minimum A/W 2012

 Minimum 2012

The Minimum autumn 2012 collection is recognized by a heavy look where the colour palette includes darker tones such as petroleum, brown, burned orange, curry and paprika. coloured details are reflected through the entire collection, resulting in an interesting and eye-catching selection for the season.

Minimum autumn 2012 leads  back in time to a more authentic hemisphere with a significant native touch. highly inspired by heavier qualities and native patterns, minimum has created a broad and tasteful selection of autumn pieces. bright coloured patterns and heavy checks are represented in both shirts and knitwear. washed and over dyed garments with toned colours bring the collection in touch with nature and give it a native approach.

The other part of the male autumn collection has been drawn by the 50’s new yorker street look. Corduroy shirts and trousers, wool coats, waistcoats and herringbone-patterned blazers are among the key items for the important masculine 50’s mood hitting us this upcoming season.

Minimum Fulton Blazer 7005M92 Jeans Blue

Minimum Sigfred Dark Iris Cardigan 399301BSC

Minimum Kim Blazer 7003R59 Chipmunk

Minimum Clothing now at Stuarts Of London.

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