Swim Loafers: Seduce the Rain…

Swims Loafers

Loafers were originally developed in Norway and SWIMS, hailing from the same country, specialises in durable rubber and mesh variants. Stylish and practical, they are perfect for holidays and boating, since they are non-slip and fast drying.

Their new Spring Summer 2012 range are focused on water resistant loafers. This kind of footwear is great for the summer season as they can be used in the sea, surfing, sailing or just look great worn around town.

These great shoes will defiantly turn heads this summer. They were first created when many pairs of shoes were being ruined around the World with harsh weather conditions until Swims CEO took matters into his own hands creating Swims Footwear – The Modern Galosh!

This was his stylish solution to harsh weather conditions, when the weather gets bad you can slip Swims Galosh’s over your shoes to keep them protected from the weather. This was the entail idea but now Swims has gone a step further and made a range of shoes you can wear as loathers.


This video created to promote the Swims galosh’s. This video is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

SWIMS is a Norwegian lifestyle brand, which is known for reinventing the galosh (overshoe). By adding additional functionality, lots of colours and a contemporary shape, the company has created a humble renaissance for the galosh throughout major metropolitan cities around the world.

SWIMS strives to create functional and smart products with paramount quality.

The SWIMS Loafer

Continuing the SWIMS’ philosophy of ”Reinventing Classics”, I have turned my focus to a real classic – the loafer. The style has been made for decades and is popularly worn across continents. It’s an evergreen. Being made of delicate materials, its utility is limited.
Most of them have one serious limitation in terms of functionality: They don’t combine well with water. I wanted to extend their utility by using high-tech materials and state-of-the-art technology.

My objective was to design a loafer I could wear in the ocean so that I don’t scrape my feet on rocks or coral, something to wear by the pool or on the deck of a boat, a comfy loafer I could “loaf” around in a beach town instead of my flip-flops.

The SWIMS loafer is a product of my own experience, my appreciation of functional design, and my obsession with altering classics.

Enjoy the summer!

Johan R., Founder.

Swims coming to Stuarts of London in July

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