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Brooks  England: Seats & Saddlebags

JB Brooks & Co. became known and respected for its beautiful leather handcrafted saddles, and soon started to make cycle and motorcycle bags and other accessories.

Traditional techniques in manufacturing leather saddles were passed down from generation to generation of craftsmen as the company grew under the guidance of the Brooks family until 1958.


Inspired by the timeless products designed by our predecessors, they have revived the original slogan ‘Saddles, Bags, Etc’ and introduced a range of cycle bags and other cycling accessories. Brooks England is steeped in history, a prestige brand that boasts almost 150 years of tradition and expertise. But quality and style never age.

When it comes to classic bike styling nothing says it more than a Brooks saddle. Having been cutting and playing with leather since 1866, these guys know how to make a classy perch.  

At home on a classic rod-brake sit-up-and-beg or a top notch racer, nothing quite compares. The Swift is more than just a classic saddle though, taking on a modern twist with sleek titanium rails helping to keep the weight down. At 392g, it’s certainly not for weight weenies but it comes in lighter than Brooks’ more economical saddles. At 152mm wide and 280mm it’s certainly on the racy side with its chamfered sides.

Unlike other über lightweight saddles, sitting on the Brooks felt special. It’s like riding a slice of cycling history. The leather is stretched and shaped for a comfy ride, and this will only get better with time. It’ll take some blood, sweat and miles – and probably years – to shape perfectly to your behind, but it’ll be worth it. The leather will stretch over time so you might need to take up the slack with the tension adjustment underneath.

Brooks England Barbican Medium Leather Black Bag BB015

Brooks England Brixton Tote Grey Bag BB013

Brooks England Trouser Strap 

Brooks England B17 Standard Royal Blue Saddle A07218

If you have a special bike, whatever genera, this could be the perfect finishing touch.

Brooks Saddles available a Stuarts Of London….

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