The Village Green

The Village Green…..

The Village Green was founded in 2009 by Sam Knee, vintage clothing aficionado with 20+ years dealing, both in the UK and USA under his belt. Author of ‘The Vintage T-shirt’ book and serious record collector nerd, it’s the music styles and youth cultures of the 60’s – 80’s along with his archive of vintage clothing gems that form the inspiration for The Village Green designs.

The designs are steeped in history yet The Village Green is not a repro brand. While the detailing and quality craftsmanship are traditional and authentic, the designs are adapted for today’s gent, to meet the sartorial needs of the modernist man about town.80% of the brands production and fabric manufacture is based in the UK.


It seems that if you’re looking for something a little complicated which your friends or colleagues would give a second look, then yes, The Village Green would be perfect Secondly, if you’re a fan of simplicity yet could never say no to a dash of colour, then again, The Village Green would be perfect throughout their selection of canvas shirts, blazers and shorts at least.

The Village Green faithfully brings back quintessential English classics with their collection of vintage led designs. With over twenty years’ experience as true vintage clothes dealers, The Village Green honour their background across a line of slim-fit shirts, worn-in striped sweatshirts and slim-fit chinos.

 The  Village Green coming to Stuarts Of London end of July 2012

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