Have you got your Dosh…

Dosh Wallets

Have you heard about Dosh Wallets yet ? Hailing from Australia Dosh Wallets are patented designs made from desmopan – a highly durable and soft material. offers the style conscious man an alternative way to carry their cash. What’s more… style king Kanye West is a Dosh fan. Dosh is a designer accessories brand from Sydney, Australia.

The dosh design philosophy is to create functional, innovative products for the modern, style savvy individual. Utilizing the latest advanced polymer materials and high quality money clip designs, dosh wallets are iconic, super-slim and totally unique. Through their inspired design configurations, Dosh wallets help you shed the excess baggage of traditionalshapeless leather wallets and streamline the contents of your pocket.

 Dosh was founded in 2007 by Henri Spaile and Mark Armstrong. As longtime stalwarts of the Australian industrial design landscape through their award winning design studio Blue Sky Design Group, they set about creating their own brand and range of products that bring the values of innovative design and style, to the segment of wallets. The result was dosh – a range of unique wallets that respond to the needs of modern living.

All Dosh wallets are designed and manufactured at Dosh’s Sydney headquarters, using the highest quality materials and production processes. The patented combination of flexible and semi-flexible polymer materials gives the wallets their unique properties and function.


The wallets are injection moulded in an advanced polymer material developed by Bayer MaterialScience called desmopan®. This material makes dosh wallets highly durable, water & chemical resistant yet giving the products a luxurious, soft-touch feel. The integrated money clips are all handmade from high grade, brushed stainless steel giving them a high-value jewellery like quality. The iconic, crystal-clear dosh polycarbonate packaging is designed to be used as a coin box, and promotes post purchase use. No animals, humans or rivers are hurt in the production of dosh wallets, and all of the materials in a Dosh wallet are recyclable at the end of the wallets life.

Dosh Wallets now at Stuarts Of London.

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