Levis Vintage 1930’s Menlo Leather Jacket

Levis Vintage Menlo’s Tan Sheepskin Leather Jacket – One to One archive Piece.

Levi’s 1st Delivery comes into store with some great selection of tee’s and check shirts. Along with the vintage orange tab 506 denim jeans.  But we wanted to focus your attention to one arrival in particular. The Levi’s Vintage 1930’s leather jacket.

Collection Inspiration:

From 1915 to this day Cone Mills of North Carolina has supplied Levi Strauss & Co with denim. In 1939 a local film was made at the White Oak Mill by H.Lee Waters. The film captured the spirit and character of the locals at Greensboro. It’s this hard working, denim clad, cotton textile community that has inspired the Spring/Summer 2012 Levi’s Vintage Clothing Collection.

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