Supremebeing X Cambridge Satchel Company: Not For School

Supremebeing X Cambridge Satchel Company

There is no more British a bag than the satchel; and it seems that everyone has got one in their range for this autumn. The Cambridge Satchel Company is a British company that produces satchels and other leather goods. The company was founded in 2008 by Julie Deane and her mother Freda Thomas,  and Supremebeing was established way back in ’99. It is based around the lives of people who love their art, love their music and love their friends. That in their ideology of a Supreme Being!  Supremebeing can’t be pinned to any particular fashion genre. With this in mind they have set a precedent for designing and making Retro Clothing with strong influences from subcultures as Sixties Mods. A Supremebeing embody a rich tradition and heritage inspired by Sixties Mod tailored designs, Retro Seventies patterns and old skool Indie styles, all with a modern and original agenda there is no other collaboration that could scream out British Heritage than Supremebeing and The Cambridge Satchel Company.

 You’re witnessing the best of both worlds here- Designer satchel brand ‘The Cambridge Satchel Company’ and UK Street wear brand ‘Supremebeing’  coming together to bring us a through and through Cambridge born collaboration. The collection not only reflects both brands differing style, personality and design technique, but married together result in an exclusive line of Classic unisex Satchels with a street wear twist. Satchel bags have become a cult among twenty-something fashion bloggers, who post incessantly, swapping information about styles and colours. They have become a phenomenon that has surprised the unlikely fashion mogul behind the business. Supremebeing’s carefully considered fabrics and colour selection, offers a modern and artistic take on the classic shape and pattern cutting of The Cambridge Satchel Company. The end result, a distinguished, stylised and distinctly British collection.

Supremebeing X Cambridge Satchel Company Navy Heritage Cambridge Satchel

The combination of the street-style smarts of Supremebeing and the classic bag making technics of The CSC have blended together to create a combination of unique colours and classic patterns that can’t be matched anywhere else. The bags look to be of simple, excellent construction, capable of carrying just about anything needed to complete your look. With this team, the town of Cambridge is a menswear force to be reckoned with. Demand for the unisex satchel has been led by a youthful online fast-fashion clientele.

The Supremebeing X Cambridge Satchel Company satchel now available at Stuarts of London

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