Not Just for Christmas: A True Fairisle Is a Serious Piece of Craftsmanship

Fair Isle knits are a simple and easy way to inject some colour and warmth into any winter wardrobe.

Once the unwanted Christmas present the Fairisle jumper is now officially the on-trend statement knit of winter 2011/12. The Fairisle design has also been picked up by the mid to higher end designers, who – as with the high street stores – have experimented with colours, designs and base items to create a cleaner cut, more wearable item.  The generic technique however, has expanded, creating more patterns and allowing greater flexibility whilst still retaining the Fairisle image.

YMC  Fairisle Knitted Grey Jumper

YMC  Fairisle Navy Bobble Hat

Menswear knitwear has moved towards a playful and altogether more extroverted direction during with an influx of bold colours and vibrant patterns taking centre stage. Autumn/winter looks set to continue this trend, albeit in darker hues. Fairisle is a bold pattern which can add life to any outfit. The Fairisle Knit’. A classic piece – they were originally made on the Fairisle in Scotland.  From this, there was a natural link to the Fairisle technique, as both are reminiscent of a community and group identity, and are warm, chunky knits.

Farah  1920 Wilkins Bordeaux  Cardigan

They are normally pieces of knitwear with detailed coloured patterns, a statement item that all should own. With Heritage still a major trend each and every year, the Fairisle knit compliments this look very well. It gives off a country vibe, and as such looks wonderful underneath tweed/cord blazers or quilted gilet as well as when matched with earth tones and other outdoors inspired pieces – think fingerless gloves, thick ribbed socks, trapper hats and hiking boots.  

Levis Vintage Fairisle Biking Red Sweater

One of the greatest benefits of a Fairisle knit is its versatility. You can pair it with almost anything, and wear it under or over the top of your other garments. There are some amazing examples on the market already this year; Howlin’ by Morrison, Levis, YMC endorsing our woolly heritage, homespun knitwear is the new statement item. And you have the ability to go as bold or muted as your personality dictates. Neutral coloured knitwear will anchor an outfit, whilst a bold coloured version – or bold Fairisle pattern detailing – will create more of a statement.

Oliver Spencer Cream  Harris Jumper

The W 11/12 season is, as you all know, a time for layers. From thermal underwear to woolly hats, layers are the key to staying warm and staying fashionable. A key trend for A/W is chunky knitwear. Whether it is a jumper or cardigan, some thick knitwear is a great addition to any winter wardrobe, and one style in particular has become very popular with high street stores and premium designers alike. The Fairisle knit. Scottish brand Howlin’ by Morrison know that as the barometer dips, there’s no better way to ease yourself into the cold weather than by layering. Renowned for their Fair Isle knits, they keep perpetuating the neo-classic trend through their line.

Howlin by Morrison Howling by Morrison Funken Navy Blue Cardigan

YMC are experts in the understated, taking classic silhouettes and adding their own unique angle. This premium wool shawl collared cardigan features a bold-coloured knitted Fair Isle pattern, brilliantly finished, just as we’d expect from You Must Create.

YMC  Fairisle Burgundy Cardigan

Barbour heritage sweaters to smart Fair Isle knits, chunky jumper dresses to country inspired designs, Barbour has created a winter wardrobe that is warm, colourful and interesting using different materials, fits and styles appealing to a wide audience heritage sweaters to smart Fair Isle knits, chunky jumpers to country inspired designs.

Barbour  Mildon Olive FairIsle Cardigan

Fairisle Knitwear is available at Stuarts Of London

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