Paraboot: Authenticity, Quality and Charm for a True and Natural Product

Paraboot: Authenticity, quality and charm for a true and natural product

As with many heritage brands Paraboot came from humble beginnings. With dedication, hard work and innovation is now an iconic French brand. Founder Remy-Alexis Richard was born in 1878 to a rural family that sold leathers to shoemakers. Fast track to 1908, Remy started his own company designing and making shoes which he took to Paris to sell. After marrying Julliette Ponvert in 1910 he established the Richard Ponvert brand. In 1926 Remy visited North America and saw rubber soled shoes for the first time.

The raw material came from Amazonia and would be shipped from the port of Para in Brazil, and that is how he came up with the name “Paraboot, in 1927 the brand was registered and established.  To this day Paraboot is run by the family now in its third generation. Paraboot supplies the French navy with boat shoes and has seen the peak of Mount Everest, most notably on the feet of French explorere Emile Victor.

Paraboot has been manufacturing in France, for almost 100 years, shoes made to last and for walking as far as possible, using the strengths and skilled hands of men and women.. The result is a brand with ever-increasing worldwide prestige and distribution.

Paraboot’s shoes, which are stitched by hand using Norwegian and Goodyear construction techniques, convey elegance and sophistication. More than 100 years of experience and an undeniable design pedigree make this master cobbler an essential port of call. In addition to being hand-cut and hand-stitched, Paraboot footwear is constructed using both the Norwegian stitch & Goodyear stitch construction methods, as it is for the tanning process, to obtain the best leathers to produce incredibly comfortable, durable & waterproof shoes. They own several factories in Europe; one is the same that produces shoes for John Lobb & Hermes.

Norwegian Construction :

Paraboot’s perfection of this technique, originally used for mountain boots, has made it the world leader. It offers many advantages:- Two rows of stitching that steadfastly hold together the leather upper, the welt and the sole guarantee that the shoes will be waterproof. A technique that assures comfort and strength.  A cork filling between the leather insole and the sole to assure maximum comfort and breathability.

The possibility of resoling permits a long life for the shoes.

Goodyear Construction:

Traditional construction technique for a visually refined shoe.- A leather insole. Waterproof construction.  A beech arch support. A cork filling for maximum comfort and absorption. One row of stitching visible and one row hidden internally.

Maximise the life of the shoes by resoling: In 1919, 150 manual operations were required to make a pair of shoes. Today, not a single one has been eliminated. At Paraboot, attention is paid to every detail: rigorous selection of the leathers, quilted linings, and leather or rubber midsoles with cork inserts, etc. In order to guarantee maximum flexibility, waterproofing, comfort and hygiene. Today, Paraboot is the only manufacturer in the world that makes its own rubber soles, proof of a quality rarely equalled. 200 craftsmen and women produce 350 000 pairs of shoes per year at our two factories in Izeaux and Fures, in the Isere valley in France.

“Authenticity, quality and charm for a true and natural product”
Such is our motto by simultaneously discovering boots and latex during a visit to the Americas, Remy Richard-Ponvert, the founder of Paraboot, came upon the idea of combining the two to make quality footwear result is a brand with ever-increasing worldwide prestige.

Paraboot Footwear now at Stuarts of London

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