IL BUSSETTO: The perfect stylish accessory

The creation of fine leather items

An intimate knowledge of leather processing has been an important cultural element for Italian artisans, going back centuries. For the rest of us the words “Italian” and “leather” frequently sit side by side as an accepted stamp of high quality.  Il Bussetto has honed the creation of fine leather items perfectly, carrying on the age old tradition they are rightly proud of.

Il Bussetto is specialised in the production and distribution of small leather goods. The craftsmen still use an ancient Italian technique which allows the creation of complex objects without using any kind of seams. The products are completely handmade and the time required to create them is very long; to create the seamless look that is the basis of all Il Bussetto products, the leather is first cut and drenched with water, then fitted on wooden shapes to dry for several days.

Finally, the articles are hand-painted brushed with previously heated iron instruments called “bussetti”, then liberally waxed and buffed to a glowing lustre. The brand is the result of this meticulous process and it is represented by products of gentle beauty and elegance, characterised by the brightness of the colours.  Not only the shapes of traditional items have been modified, but they also have created completely new shapes, in order to be able to fulfill the needs of modern life: examples of this process are their I-pod and I-phone cases, which are a perfect mix of unique elegance, convenience and discretion.

With the colours, the leather they use is the finest Italian “cuoio”, tanned using vegetal products. This way of tanning leather is very old and implies the use of vegetal tannins derived from trees like chest-nut trees or quebracho trees. The colours are completely natural and are diluted with water and alcohol, in order to be easily absorbed without leaving any trace in the final product. Manufacturing process are still kept secret, only being passed on through the different generations of Italian artisans that work at Il Bussetto.

Il Bussetto provides a great alternative to your standard bi-fold and their expansive collection of colourful wallets, phone cases and coin pouches are the perfect stylish accessory. Stuarts of London have stock of the most popular styles.

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