Honest fashion – Universal Works

“Universal Works” – It’s about good honest menswear, it’s about quality garments with a great fit. There is no great vision or message, no target markets, just garments for everyone, clothing to look stylish in because you the wearer makes it so, clothing you want to wear, clothing you will look good in.

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2 in 1 Jacket

After many years of working in the “fashion” industry Universal Works team was personal project by some of the most well known names in the industry who wanted to make something they were proud of, not over-designed, but well cut and craftsman-made, not mass-produced.

From a background of great British working clothes and outdoor clothes, the team use honest, natural fabrics and yarns, often are using up dead stock fabrics that would otherwise be wasted.

“We work with highly skilled people in small factories who we have known for a long time and know what they are doing. They all make great quality garments, which is never the cheapest way to make stuff but we think it’s the best way”.

Stuarts London became a stockist in 2010. Once merchandised in the store the brand has become an instant hit with our guys. Mostly worn by guys in their mid 20s and over 30 the clean cut designs are simple but the use of fine fabric and the need to keep the brand name in the back of the collar rather than in your face logo’s Universal Works has been a quick brand to gain a loyal following. This season new arrivals have mainly been about the fine knitwear. Prices are not cheap, but production is all done in the UK which makes the finished quality even higher spec.

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