Lets face it Ralph Lauren isn’t a label that needs any introduction. Its a brand that has got it just right, sold in the right places and worn by the right people. But what’s next?

Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren

The Premium US fashion house is preparing to launch a top-end denim collection. A collection which will be labelled “Denim & Supply” by Ralph Lauren,  due to hit a handful of select stores/departments  from Sept 2011. Designed to work alongside brands like Edwin, Levis Vintage and Denham – Denim & Supply has it’s own look. Being more innovate and open to a wider colour pallet with parts of the range being inspired by an Aztec theme.


Earthy and bohemian with an emphasis on rugged individualism, Denim & Supply is Ralph Lauren’s nod to a generation that prides itself on creating a totally personal style. Rooted in genuine denim and with an emphasis on “found” pieces—a distressed pair of jeans, a faded T-shirt, a worn denim jacket—Denim & Supply finds inspiration in iconic Ralph Lauren sensibilities, from Navajo to nautical to surplus. Its authentic spirit is rooted in how the elements are put together: eclectically, naturally and effortlessly.

Denim & Supply – Ralph Lauren has been split into two distinct looks for the first launch:

Rustic and free-spirited with an All-American maritime feel, denim’s vintage roots are revealed with softly washed colors and versatile patterns. Chambray is updated with fresh, youthful cuts, from dresses to work shirts to accessories. Textural artisan pieces—patchwork denim, bleached fleece and distressed outerwear—have an authentic, lived-in quality.

Captures the adventurous spirit of the West and the casual coolness of a bohemian beach town. Boldly eclectic, rugged surplus goods mix with saturated plaids and rich stripes that recall clay-covered mountains. Cottons and fleece are softly washed to evoke the sensibility of sun-faded vintage clothes. Baja-inspired and bandanna-print accessories lend an exotic touch.

Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren is due from Mid Dec 2011 – Jan 2012 at Stuarts London

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