Honest, simple designs are timeless.

Born in the Swedish port town of Gothenburg in 1997, Dunderdon is Sweden’s most innovative work wear company. Founded by carpenter Per-Ivan Hagberg, the mission at Dunderdon has always been to create clothing for craftsmen who appreciate superior construction and smart design. He used to build houses and his first exposure to the apparel industry came later when he was recruited as a model. He did that for a couple of years, then became an agent for a denim brand being run by a good friend of his.

That’s where he started to design clothing, during this time; he was also doing shop outs, furniture and interiors as well as inventing new machines and gadgets. In 1996, he started to think about launching his own brand. The goal was to make a timeless pant made on quality, function and simplicity. So in 1997, he delivered his first products and it’s still what he does today. Fashion will always return to work wear because it is based on function. Historically, work wear, sport and military is where all innovation has taken place and that’s why he feels these elements will always influence fashion. There will be periods of decadence, but people will always return to things that have an authentic purpose. Dunderdon was founded on this belief.

Per-Ivab Hagberg’s initial creation was a line of trousers made with a uniform fit but designed with different stylistic highlights. The result of this initial solution was clothing that was individualistic and distinct but also clearly part of one related family. By standing up to the demands of a variety of workplaces, early model Dunderdon pants quickly became the standard for Sweden’s many artisans, builders, and craftsmen. Following a successful launch, Per-Ivan Hagberg has always been driven by a vision that there would be no filler designs in the Dunderdon line, that each product would have a reason for being and would satisfy specific needs. This remains a guiding credo today.

They have two – a work wear line and a fashion line. In Sweden, work wear is about half of the sales and fashion account for the other half. They don’t have a wide variety of fabrics in the collection. What they do have is high quality, durable pieces that they feel offers good value. In work wear, they have launched a jacket and pants using vantage- and incredibly durable yet comfortable fabric that’s a mix of corduroy and cotton. They’re also experimenting with more substainable  fabrics such as fleece made from recycled coffee beans. In the fashion collection, they have a F/W2011 jacket using Ventile fabric from England. The jacket has removable air vest that you can inflate to stay warm.

Today, Dunderdon distributes its wide line of products worldwide and fabricates a full range of  trousers, outerwear, knits, shirts and accessories. Every Dunderdon product is tailored to the demands of modern work and incorporates the interconnected concepts of utility, fashion and style. Dunderdon clothing inspires and enables regardless of demographics. The company continues to produce work wear not bound by trade or environment. Honest, simple designs are timeless. Their products should represent the highest craftsmanship and innovation, while never compromising on style and fit. They respect the past, but they don’t rely on it.

“There will be periods of decadence, but people will always return to things that have authentic purpose. Dunderdon was founded on this belief.” -Per-Ivan Hagberg

Dunderdon clothing will be coming to Stuarts of London from July 2011 onwards.

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