Nike : Hyperfuse A/W 2011

Air Force 1 Hyperfuse Collection at Stuarts London

Superior design is rooted in one belief – form follows function. With performance functionality at the core of product design, Nike has evolved the fundamental form of footwear since the Moon shoe debuted in 1972. What began as a traditional process of handsewn running shoes has evolved into a machine precision, heat pressurized system that utilizes advanced modern materials. Nike designers introduced Hyperfuse technology in 2010 in basketball.

Nike Airforce 1 - Hyperfuse collection

After observing the extreme wear-and-tear on footwear on the blacktop basketball courts of Beijing, the Nike design team employed the new innovation to create a breathable, stable
and resilient basketball shoe called the Nike Hyperfuse. The “Hyperfuse” name soon evolved from a shoe to the technology as other sports demanded the lightweight and breathable benefits that the process delivered.

Nike Air Max 90 - Hyperfuse Collection

Hyperfuse creates a durable composite material composed of three layers; one for stability, one for breathability and the third for durability. All three layers are fused together using heat and pressure to create a level of precision unattainable via traditional cut-and-sew methods. The unibody design results in lightweight, breathable footwear and minimizes seams that can wear on an athlete’s foot.

Nike Air Max - Two Tone Hyperfuse

The process had also created a new look, one that “opened up” the overlays of the shoe to see through it. This new sport aesthetic is merged with iconic silhouettes from Nike’s past in the Air Force One, Air Max One and Air Max 90.

Nike Airforce 1 Two tone Hyperfuse
It turns out Hyperfuse also had some unintended results when designers found they could push the limits of both color and finishes with the new technology. The Fall 11 Nike Sportswear collection takes full advantage with hits of neon green, solar red and blue
glow, complimented by shades of grey and silver and blasts of reflective detailing.

Coming Soon this August 2011 at Stuarts London.

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