Just a Gram

Love your shoes, because believe it or not, they love you

Founded in Stockholm Sweden in April 2005 by Alexis Holm and Anna Stenvi. With a solid experience, Alexis worked as a buyer for a large Swedish fashion brand, and has both extensive knowledge of the footwear retail business as well as 2 years of study in construction and design in Stockholm and Anna holds a degree in fashion marketing from London College of Fashion and has worked with event management, PR, apparel retail and as a buyer for H&M, they decided put the fire on and run their own brand, both under some-thirty.

Barely 2 years after that, Gram was sold in 4 different countries. The company’s primary goal is to design and produce a range of unique shoes that reflect the present, yet rely on the past. Gram is all about making sophisticated sneakers. To create shoes that fills the gap between sneakers and traditional shoes. Their roots lie in the Scandinavian design aesthetic; design with clean lines and attention to details. Each model being unique in its own simplicity.

The brand is centred on the concept of weight, with each shoe being named after its weight in grams. The concept of weight is very much a personal story, based in Alexi’s genuine interest for the technical side of design. Form, function, material and construction, all these parameters are part of the canvas on which they paint. Each one lifeless without the other, but when brought together and balanced correctly, a gram is born. Every pair is weighed as a means to express the intimate connection between the sum of its parts and the parts that make it what it is. This is intended to give you a closer connection to the actual construction and materials used for the shoes.

The Gram collection originated as a modest 3 style collection in spring 2006 with only denim fabric and then mutated from there. No grand scheme at the helm, just two people doing what they think is good and true. And maybe they might bring back the denim when they get nostalgic. Gram is all about making sophisticated sneakers. They create shoes that fill the gap between sneakers and traditional shoes. Materials are always at the core of every collection together with a strong Scandinavian design aesthetic, creating a uniquely wearable product. All items are created with minute attention to details and hands-on presence in all stages of development. They draw on old traditions and craftsmanship but reduce the details, to take their clean, Scandinavian design aesthetics to a new level. To create shoes that fit the well-mannered metropolitan rebel Gram reduces every shoe to a bare minimum, but without leaving their soul behind.  The collection conveys a feeling of handicraft, traditional design and materials from a lost era but realized in a reduced and modern fashion.

This season introduces the new Gram VZ (vulcanized sole) range with a fresh take on the oldest of sneaker constructions. This range is said to use tradition and craftsmanship to take clean Scandinavian design aesthetics to a new level. Upon opening a box of these shoes  and putting them on, you’ll find a card in the bottom stating, “Congratulations on being a person of good taste take care of these shoes as if they were your own”. Well of course they are your own, but Alexis Holm and Anna Stenvi  are so proud of them, each one is like their own child. That is the level of good design that has gone into a pair of Grams. Each model is named after how much it weighs. Sweden’s Gramline delivers these exclusive looks at their Autumn 2011 collection. The “Resurrection” collection has been designed for the “discerning metropolitan rebel” – the man who is looking for unique and striking footwear that is uncommon. You’ll discover a palette of that mixes mustard, indigo, and poppy tones against leathers oilskin canvas, parachute nylon, and more. Gram has unique in mind for Autumn.

“Have you ever noticed that true style often lies in what’s not there? To reduce the styles up to a point where there’s almost nothing there but a sharp feel of the modern city”,  we took the idea all the way to the image pictures, where we’ve taken away all elements that don’t need to be there”,  says Chief Designer Alexis Holm and co-founder of Gram.

Gram Shoes are coming to Stuarts Of London in Autumn/Winter 2011

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