ESEMPLARE: from Urban Style to Hobo Chic

Esemplare clothing

In the early twentieth century, Jack London extolled the hobo In the philosophy.
Hobos were vagabonds: men who lived on the road out of choice or for lack of choice. During the Great Depression, they jumped trains and roamed across America, living day to day. They had no future because the present was their sole prospect. They had no home because the land that welcomed them was their abode.  They had no sense of belonging to someone because they were true only to themselves. This is the spirit they want to convey: lending importance to the things we own or the clothes we wear only insofar as they can help us fully be ourselves.

Manifattura Riese was established in Reggio Emilia in 1961. Values such as creativity, quality and research form the groundwork on which the company was built, transforming a family business into a major international group with many productive and distributive headquarters in Europe and Asia. For more than 40 years, Manifattura Riese’s mission has been to make clothes interwoven with care, passion and respect, finding the way to ride the wave of evolution and revolution naturally, inquisitively exploring changing times and then interpreting them – but without denying its own history. This new, unique and exemplary path stems from a philosophy that merges past and future, technology and handcraftsmanship, aesthetics and function.


The idea was to produce a line that is worn every day, not hidden in the closet. Simple, practical articles to be used, reused and consumed, their allure and value increasing as they share our lives, becoming something new each time you wear them and bringing with them a continually evolving message. The Esemplare heritage project pays tribute to those garments that have made their mark on the history of clothing. These articles include military jackets and coats that used to have a very precise practical purpose and have now passed the test of time and space to become wardrobe icons.

This fine label has been around for the last two seasons. Esemplare – Quality Italian attire with one of CP Company original designers on board things look promising. The thing about this beautiful label is the fact that it produces garments right across the spectrum, whether this be smart formal wear or functional outerwear, you can guarantee the gents of today will transcend into making these clothes fit into their wardrobe.

Italy’s Esemplare showcases their Spring/Summer 2012 collection at this summer’s Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy. The collection, which uses new technical fabrics across various outerwear silhouettes, also mixes in some classic looks, including the toggle coat. Overall the Esemplare looks are forward thinking technical takes on outerwear that warrants a deserving consideration. The ethos is a creative freedom allowing extensive research and attention to detail. Using only natural fibres and fabric treatment to guarantee comfort which many brands  try to do but simply overlook. Their code is all about how we dress should match your personality and with what’s on offer there is plenty to match even the most eccentric dresser. The idea for Esemplare was to produce a line of clothing that could be worn every day not hidden in the closet. Simple practical articles to be used reused and consumed. A line that gets its clean-cut yet sophisticated features from the materials used the result of study to blend functionality and character.

Loosely fitted styles add to the “Hobo Chic” look—a collection of comfortable and trendy items.

 Esemplare is coming to Stuarts of London July 2011

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